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Author Topic: [Seeking Fed] The Engineer  (Read 465 times)

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[Seeking Fed] The Engineer
« on: March 04, 2012, 11:28:38 AM »
Here's what I'm looking for:

1) No character development BS.  I'm not competing with somebody's failed novel that has nothing to do with the wrestling promotion. 

2) Fed must have been around for at least 2 CONSECUTIVE years. 

3) Fed head must be at least 21 years old.  Yes, I'm serious.

4) You must be pretty liberal content wise.  I use a lot of absurdist and dark humor in what I write. 

5) You must have actually read these points and not just responded to me because I'm breathing and somewhat proficient in the English language.  Included the term "key lime pie" in your post so I know you got this far. 

I have to break this post up into two posts because these boards have a retarded character limit.

Character Information:

Real Name: Unknown

Ring Name/Nick Name: The Engineer

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 36

Date of Birth: Unknown

Height: 5’10’’

Weight: 204 lbs.

Hometown: Unknown, but has a thick Jersey accent

Character Rep/Look-a-Like: Doug Hutchison

Appearance: A short man with hawkish features.  His hair is cut very short, almost to a buzz but leaving a pronounced widow’s peak.  He has the hint of a mustache.  Typically his face is crisscrossed with fresh scratches (source unknown) and bandaged wounds.  Outside of the ring he often wears ragged black hoodie sweatshirts that obscure his features, jeans, and mud encrusted untied boots.  There is evidence of heavy scarring on his scalp, but his hair has largely grown over it, making it difficult to see unless you’re specifically looking. 

Wrestling Gear: In the ring, the Engineer wears a modified straight jacket, with the sleeves sliced into ribbons allowing his arms to move freely.  On his legs are worn black jeans and mud encrusted boots hastily tied together with mismatched laces. 

Gimmick: Unrepentant, heavily medicated, possibly brain damaged sociopath and thug for hire

Alignment: Neutral, he does whatever he’s paid to do or ordered to do, and for those with a warped sense of humor he can be oddly endearing

Entrance Music: “Icebreaker” by Skinny Puppy

Exit Music (it’s different): “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus (aka Buffalo Bill’s dance music in Silence of the Lambs)

Entrance Description: The entire arena is washed in sterile white light as the following words are spoken through the sound system:

“Think of me as your unseen host and believe that, during your stay here, I shall be with you in spirit. May you find the answer that you seek. It is here, I promise you. And now, Auf Wiedersehen."

On the main screen is a grainy image of an old television test screen.  After the initial dialogue the sound slips into “Icebreaker” by Skinny Puppy.  As the jarring tune and guttural lyrics set in, the test screen fades and is instead replaced with a series of Rorschach ink blots.  Each panel of ink blots at first looks innocuous, but soon slithers into the shadowy outlines of terrible scenes: a knife going through a head, a body with entrails spilling out before it, a bisected human torso, a figure whose face appears to be slipping off.  Interspersed with the morphing inkblot tests are other images of rats flitting about in sewers and pictures of pleasant “whitebread” 1950’s families whose members have no faces.   The white lights are now accompanied by small red lights panning all over the arena that look like droplets of blood in contrasts with the white lights.

The Engineer steps to the top of the ramp, his head ticking back and forth as he shoots the crowd paranoid, nervous glares and mutters to himself.  He starts walking down the aisle at an awkward clip, stopping occasionally to snarl at members of the audience who try to reach out and touch him.  Eventually he crawls in the ring, stalking along the ring apron.  He casts the crowd a bizarre manic stare as an inky black liquid starts to drip out from his lips.  He’ll run his sleeve across his mouth to stop the flow before getting into the ring and sitting in the corner, where he continues to tic and talk to himself.

Exit Description:

After the bell rings, the Engineer will simply sit in the middle of the ring for a while, a pleased smile crossing his lips.  He looks calm and happy for the first time since getting in the ring, like he’s in a state of peace similar to a junkie getting his fix after a long dry spell.  Finally, he get up as the eerie chords of “Goodbye Horses” persist.  He’ll refuse to allow the ref to raise his hand in victory and will simply slide out of the ring and walk backstage, continuing to look very pleased.   

Wrestling Style: Manic brawler, really not a wrestler at all.  Here’s a breakdown of his abilities in different areas that I like to use:

Scale: None-Poor-Fair-Good-Very Good-Excellent

Daredevil – Very Good
Lucha Libre/High Flying – None
Technical – None
Submission – Good
Power - Fair
Martial Arts – None
Cheating - Excellent
Brawling - Excellent
Escapability – Fair
Stamina – Excellent
Ring Awareness - Fair
Team Work – None

The guy is not a trained wrestler, so he doesn’t “wrestle” per se, he fights.  And he fights with wreckless abandon.  He has no real technical ability, you’ve never gonna see this guy pull off a rolling German suplex or something.  Pick somebody up and clumsily drop them on their head, sure, but there is no finesse here.  The Engineer’s idea of finesse is a “precision stomp to the throat”.  And the biting….oh God, the biting!  He also has a borderline inhuman tolerance for pain, meaning he’s willing to take asinine chances in a match if it means hurting somebody.  Its not uncommon to see him literally throw himself at an opponent and figure out what exactly he’s going to do with him only when he’s got him on the ground. 

Regular Moves:

1. Eye Gouge
2. Kick to the Ribs
3. Closed Fist Punches
4. Beal Toss (using with opponent landing on their head)
5. Head butt
6. Biting (the nose and forehead are favorites)
7. Stiff lariats
8.  Brainbuster
9. Sit-out jawbreaker
10. Low Blow
11. Spear into mounted punches
12. Camel Clutch pulling back at corners of opponent’s mouth with his fingers
13. Sit out face buster (pulling on opponent’s hair)
14. Seated arm bar (with one foot propped on opponent’s torso and other foot propped on their face)
15. Face Wash with boot in the corner
16. Open hand slap to ear
17. Dive through ropes to outside
18. Testicular Claw (you do the math)
19. Stab thumb into carotid artery (and hold it there, if possible)
20. Chop to the throat

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Re: The Engineer
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2012, 11:29:29 AM »
Signature Moves:

1. The Engineer will dive off the top rope and plant his palm in the opponent’s face on the way down and ride their skull all the way to the mat/floor/what have you
2.  He’ll trap both the opponent’s arms and repeatedly headbutt the opponent into submission
3. Heart Punch-A forceful closed fist blow to the chest above the heart
4. He’ll grab an opponent’s face and run it across the top rope until they bleed or their face becomes hamburger (hitting every turnbuckle if he can!)
5. He’ll set an opponent up in a tree of woe position in the corner and running dropkick them in the face repeatedly
6. Opponent’s neck is trapped between the top and middle ropes crisscrossed around his throat.  The Engineer will wrap himself around opponent’s body, arms and legs about their torso like a straight jacket and pull down on them with his body weight, effectively hanging them in the ropes.
7. The Engineer will spit a weird black ichor into his opponent’s face that is said to sting quite a bit.  He claims his body produces the substance naturally.
8: The Engineer will take a huge running leap over the top rope, arms outstretched so that his hands are free to choke the opponent as he crashes into them on the outside

Counter Moves:

Counter to a move off top rope: The Engineer will wait for them to get in mid-flight and counter with a quick, brutal headbutt to the chest or face. 

Counter to opponent running at him: The Engineer will stand eerily still, before pouncing on opponent like a Lou Thesz Press, pinning them to the canvas before biting into their faces.

Counter to opponent on the apron while he is in the ring: The Engineer will double opponent over with a shoulder check to the stomach.  If they don’t fall off the apron he’ll then pull back on the top rope and let it snap back into their face.

Counter to a punch: The Engineer will use the opponent’s momentum against them, pulling their arm into the blow and past him, and then in one smooth motion he turns towards their back and buries a stiff punch into the base of their skull

Counter to an opponent climbing to the top rope: The Engineer will run at them and clasp his arms and legs around their torso from behind, peeling them back off the turnbuckle as he does so and locking in a choke with his forearm on the mat.

Counter to a Front Grapple/Lock-Up: The Engineer will scream “NO DON’T TOUCH ME THERE!” like a sexually traumatized child and when opponent is confused he’ll grab the back of their head, pulling them into his face where he can bite down on the bridge of their nose.

Hardcore moves (reserved for the kind of no holds barred bouts he specializes in):

1.  He’ll tape small needles to his finger nails and use them to slash at his opponents.  It’s rumored that he covers them with the same stinging black ichor he often spits at people. 

2.  The Engineer will also hide a razor blade underneath his tongue.  He’ll use it during the match to cut up his opponent, especially their face. 

3.  If he himself is bleeding, he’ll collect his own blood in something (most likely a cup stolen from a fan at ringside), and then splash it into his opponent’s eyes. 


Primary Finishing Move: “Oh God He Had A Lot of Blood In Him!”-A straight up, double foot stomp onto an opponent’s skull off the top rope.

Secondary Finishing Move: ”Delirium Tremens”- Kawada Bomb (head drop powerbomb)


Jesus, I don’t know anything for sure about the guy!  I mean, I’ve heard snork about him.  Everybody has!  One story goes that he watched his whole family get cut up by a chainsaw.  Another story says he owed some Russian gangsters some money, and they took him and cut out all the parts of the man’s brain that made him human.  Listen, he’s plenty smurfed up, I know that!  I told you everything I got.  Can I please go now?
                            -Unidentified informant whose head was later fished out of the Hudson

The Engineer is above all, an enigma.  His codename is well known in a number of underground criminal operations.  It’s believed he’s had his hands in anything from assassination, drug running, bodyguard work and worse.  Of course, none of this is proven.  If anything, he’s something akin to a bizarre urban legend in the annals of crime, a vague horror to which a number of terrible crimes have been attributed but none have been proven to have even occurred.

What is known is that, for some reason, the guy has a TON of money, and can often be seen traveling in his own sleek black private jet that doubles as his home away from home and is rumored to be ground zero for all manner of depravities. 

His manner is characterized by violent nervous “tweaks” and a smiley face stress ball that he carries around with him at all times.  He can frequently be heard talking to himself about all manner of physical tortures that he’s planning.


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Re: The Engineer
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2012, 02:54:45 PM »
I could have sworn that I heard this somewhere before. I remember the engineer soley on the fact he does the black liquid from his mouth. I think from here...maybe another fed...Nonetheless, I'm sending you a hand-typed pm.

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Re: The Engineer
« Reply #3 on: March 06, 2012, 04:51:19 PM »
So far Wolfier's offer seems the best.  I got offers from two other feds that probably didn't read or understand what I was looking for. 

Anybody else wanna take a shot?  When I find someplace I like I never flake out and leave.

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Re: The Engineer
« Reply #4 on: March 06, 2012, 05:28:11 PM »
PM sent
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Re: The Engineer
« Reply #5 on: March 06, 2012, 05:58:12 PM »
G-2 has taken the plunge and sent a message.

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Re: The Engineer
« Reply #6 on: March 07, 2012, 05:16:55 AM »
Wow I really like your character alot. FWA would love to have you for sure! http://roughkut.com/kamp_v3/index.php?topic=20774.0