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Author Topic:  Match B1 - Jared James vs. Engel Harlequin - Round One  (Read 533 times)

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Match B1 - Jared James vs. Engel Harlequin - Round One
« on: June 14, 2010, 09:58:06 PM »
The scene opens up to our main focus, Connecticut Forum Wrestling’s very own “Mr. CFW” Jared James. The twenty-four year old wrestler is dressed in khaki cargo shorts, a red blink-182 shirt, and black and white Vans shoes. He is accompanied by his manager, a Boston native who is on the downside of his forties, Paddy Connors. Connors, who is traditionally a very vibrant character, is dressed in an orange polyester suite and white loafers. Connors, who is carrying James’s equipment, is excited to be here in Las Vegas, Nevada while Jared has an anxious expression across his face. The duo continues walking along a sidewalk before finally stopping at the entrance to their destination. The camera pans upwards and an elaborate sign reads “RoughKut Inivitational” with a large six in Roman numerals below. The camera pans back down, and continues to follow Jared and Paddy into the arena. The duo enter the arena are in awe of the hustle and bustle that is already transpiring within it. The work their way through the crowd before finally discovering Jared James’s private locker room, in which Jared and Paddy are once again in awe of. Paddy places Jared’s equipment down onto the floor, and begins to put the equipment away as Jared James fixates his focus to the camera. The young man smiles at the camera, his long dirty blonde hair getting in the way of his face as he prepares to dive into this massive venture.

James: “We made it Paddy, the RoughKut Invitational. I never thought I would get an opportunity like this, to be here in Las Vegas preparing to do battle with some of professional wrestling’s finest performers.”

Connors: “Nor did I. Who would have thought, Jared James in the Sin City?”

Jared chuckles.

James: “You have that right Paddy; we sure are a ways away from Connecticut… hell, from Iowa for that matter.”

Jared and Paddy continue to go about their business. Jared reaches into his pants pocket, and begins to shuffle through it. He pulls out a letter from his pocket, and reads through it a couple of times. He returns to his pocket, and once again shuffles in his quest to retrieve yet another letter. He reads through that one a couple of times also, before looking back at the other.

Connors: “What is that you have Jared?”

James looks up at Connors.

James: “Two letters… one of them is from RoughKut Industries, letting me know who my opponent is in the first round and what seed I am. The other, a letter from some guy named ‘The Executive’. He gave me ten grand and wanted to know if I would fix some matches in order to discredit the tournament.”

The duo begins to laugh hysterically at the notion of Jared James fixing a match.

“Evidently this guy has never heard of Jared James, or he would know already that I do whatever it takes to entertain the fans… make them happy. So, ‘The Executive’, you can take your money and shove because it is most certainly not welcomed here. Because Jared James, he is a man of pride, honor, and dignity. And that little bribe of yours? Well it most certainly violates all three of those qualities.”

Jared goes to the garbage with the letter and the check for ten thousand dollars. He looks down at the check and shakes his head. He rips it up into a million little pieces, and drops into the garbage. He turns around, and returns to his seat while shaking his head.

Who would have thought that the Sin City would go about tempting us this soon Paddy? Well, I suppose that, now that our little issue has been taken care of, I should shift my focus to this other letter. Don’t you agree Paddy?”

Paddy turns over to Jared, who has turned back to see Paddy. Paddy nods his head a couple of times before returning to his work. Jared looks down and begins to reread the letter.

“Evidently my first round opponent is a fifth seed, named Engel Harlequin. It says here that he is some sort of clown type character… sounds fun, I like the circus.”

Connors: “Wait, Jared, does that mean you are the low seed? What are you?”

James: “Oh you know that does not even matter and you know it. But, since I know you will be persistent, I am a thirteen seed. Quite fitting, since I am more than likely the least accomplished wrestler within this tournament.

I can see it now, a crazy clown vs. the ultimate underdog! It will definitely be the match to watch in the first round, I will tell you that much Paddy. Perhaps though, I should tell these kind viewers what exactly Jared James is all about. You see folks; I am a young fella from the grand ol’ state of Iowa. Nothing special about me, really. Then, a few years ago, I signed onto a federation that has been around for quite some time now, Connecticut Forum Wrestling. Now I am going to be real honest with you folks, my accomplishments are nothing to be overly impressed with. Just two tag team title reigns with my cousin, two reigns as CFW’s Connecticut Heritage Champion, and one sole CFW World title shot… a shot that I lost. So why do I, a little pint-sized punk from Iowa, think I have what it takes to bring down the mighty clown, Engel Harlequin? Simply put, I have been doing stuff like this my entire career. Misfits, guys who have mental issues… they seem to come by the dozen in this business. So, Engel, you are nothing special in my eyes. I have no reason to fear you, no reason to be intimidated. To me, as it stands, you are just some punk with a mental disability who was sent out into the world to wreck whatever he can. Nothing ‘Mr. CFW’ cannot handle, that is for sure. The most electrifying, high-flying, and charismatic competitor that those fans out in the audience have never heard of, that is what you are up against Mr. Harlequin.

So you can take your past experiences, whatever they may exactly be, and shove it. It will do you no good when you and I step foot into the ring, the slate will have been whipped clean. I will no longer be assumed massive shortcomings to do my accomplishments, and you will not be able to instill fear with your quirky, psychotic antics that a clown such as your self does. This is the RoughKut Invitational, Engel Harlequin, where stars are born. And this is the summer of Jared James folks, which is exactly why I am going to not only come out of my first round match victorious… but I will be doing it in the most spectacular fashion that all of the participants in this tournament will have to take focus.

After all, there is more on the line for me then perhaps most people could imagine. This tournament is about becoming part of a select group of elite. This tournament is about is about representing to the best of my potential the company I cherish, Connecticut Forum Wrestling. This tournament is about having the entire professional wrestling community take notice of the young fella from Iowa, Jared James. So, Engel Harlequin, you can go about and do whatever you wish before our match. You can try to intimidate me; try to get inside my head… by guys like I have to remain focus in order to make the most of our opportunities. This is exactly what I plan on doing, in order to make sure that the audience will be one hundred percent satisfied… and so my statement will be made to its fullest.

So, Engel Harlequin, brace yourself for ‘Mr. CFW” and what he has in store for you in this first round match-up. Because nothing will matter when you and I step into that ring, not seeding, not history… nothing, so if you are not careful enough, you will see yourself on the losing side of the first ‘upset’ in this tournament and on your way back to 606. So, for now Engel, you go about laughing up a storm. I will be ready…"

With that Jared James gets up from his seat and turns back to help Paddy Connors finish unpacking his belongings. From there the scene fades to black, and finally concludes after the red and blue CFW logo flashes across the screen.

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Re: Match B1 - Jared James vs. Engel Harlequin - Round One
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2010, 05:05:11 AM »
The scene opens up in a rather cramped Hotel room. Sat upon a rather hard looking bed is a well built man wearing a dirty patched up suit. He has long greasy red hair and clown like make-up which is flaking off in patches as if he hasn't washed for a while. In his hands he holds a letter, whilst upon the bed is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Engel laughs manically

Engel: Hehehe...Ten thousand Dollars Mr. Bat...think what we could do with that money. We could get a better hotel room for a start...hehehe...al l expenses paid trip...that's what John Liederman told me. Yes I know Mr. Bat, I helped him regain control of 6CW, and this is how he repay's me...Rough Knuts invitational Tournament...just why the hell would I be interested in that eh? Yes I know he just wanted rid of me...but he forgets I own 1% of the company...he forgets he needs me in order to be an equal partner...Anyway Mr. Bat we digress...what about this cheque? You know...I always enjoy a little disarray...but...ta king Wrestling under one banner, under a new image...hehehe...th at does not help me in the slightest. There is only one banner that Wrestling will be under...absolute chaos...caused by me...the one and only Engel Harlequin.

Engel tears up the Cheque and subsequent letter. He throw's the shredded paper about his hotel room skipping as he does so. Suddenly there is a knock at the door, rather nervous in its execution. Engel opens the door and laughs as a young man holding a Microphone stands at the door. The young man is wearing a grey suit and on the front 6CW is sewn into the left hand pocket. Engel opens his arms welcomingly

Engel: Jeff...Jeff Thaddeus? Wow...am glad John sent me some company. Hey Mr. Bat...you see that...John sent us our old play thing to keep us company...OF COURSE YOU DON'T SEE HIM...YOUR A GODDAM BAT...HEHEHE.

Jeff: Actually Engel, uh...am here with Cobra...Gerard Dubois sent me to promote his competitor...

Engel: So what the hell are you doing here Jeff? You must miss me eh?

Jeff looks round the room for a second and then at Engel and shakes his head dismissively

Jeff: Erm...No...not really...Engel I am here to give you an interview, even if Gerard doesn't support it, I can sell it to the highest bidder...so Engel, your first opponent in the Rough Knuts invitational tournament is Jared james, a well rounded athlete from CFW, despite a few titles to his name he is an amateur, How do you feel your big time experience will help you in this match?

Engel is seen writing something down on a piece of paper

Engel: ah...sorry Jeff, you have to forgive me, Jared James was it...is that Jared with an E or an I...you know I am terrible with names...hehe...oh wait you asked me a question right...Jeff, when you live in an asylum most of your damn life you learn to realise that anything is possible...even the impossible...but you know...Joe Fraiser was an amateur wasn't he?

Jeff: Actually he is quite a superstar...

Engel: Ah...well then...I went toe to toe with him...and besides I never even heard of CFW...what does that even stand for? CRAPFEST WRESTLING? We can beat around the bush week in, week out Jeff, but you know me...when its all said and done...all I really want to do is make you all laugh...and Jared James...pain makes me howl with laughter...so I can't wait to make you laugh.

Jeff: So any last words Engel?

Engel looks up as if for inspiration as he paces back and forth, his hand upon his chin

Engel: Well Jeff, when I was a kid...my Mother, bless her cotton socks...she use to take me to the fair, well one day my Mother saw that there was a height restriction on the frog hopper...you know I loved that frog hopper...up and down...up and down...my mother snuck me on the ride that day Jeffy...and I fell out of the hopper and broke my leg...

Jeff: So are you basically saying, the morale of the story is if you ain't big enough then don't do it in relation to Jared James...

Engel: Jeff...it was just a story...hehehehe...

Jeff: Folks, that's all I got time for here..that was Engel Harlequin...and I am Jeff Thaddeus...Thankyou and goodnight.

The scene fades as Engel laughs manically over Jeff's outtro

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Re: Match B1 - Jared James vs. Engel Harlequin - Round One
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2010, 11:43:02 AM »
I like the story of the $10,000 and how both incorporated it into their RP's. Both guys have a very straight forward RP style that I both appreciate but find to get a little tiresome to read. That isn't necessarily meant as a jab to either but in terms of the language and emotions portrayed into the RP, I found little to none. I do like how Jared James used colors and his RP set the stage for this battle. Engel, it felt like his RP was spent mostly on responding and little on introducing anything new to the battle.

With that, my pick is Jared James.

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Re: Match B1 - Jared James vs. Engel Harlequin - Round One
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2010, 01:26:25 PM »
This is a tough call

Jared - Did a solid RP. Nothing special, but it gets the job done. Characterization was done very well.

Engel - Same thing. Loved your character, did really well on that. But I'm a have to agree with Drew, you didn't introduce anything new to the contest. You had potential to do better, but you just fell a little short.

Jared James, you got it.


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Re: Match B1 - Jared James vs. Engel Harlequin - Round One
« Reply #4 on: June 20, 2010, 06:25:51 PM »
Thanks guys, will take your ideas on board and definetly work on the things you have both said. If am honest, Engel is a very tough character for me at the minute, it takes its toll mentally with how dark he can be, but I enjoy the idea of him and sometimes when I write, I know what am meant to be doing but ultimatly don't give the reader that chance.

Well done jared.

And thankyou judges.

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Re: Match B1 - Jared James vs. Engel Harlequin - Round One
« Reply #5 on: June 21, 2010, 12:36:44 AM »
I'd like to give props to Engel too, while we are at it.  Your character, as you have hinted at, seems to be extremely difficult to do and I have to commend you for working with something so difficult.

Good luck Engel at developing this character.