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Author Topic:  Phoenix Wrestling Revolution  (Read 10325 times)

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #15 on: May 24, 2011, 08:40:19 AM »
Been a while since this has been updated, none the less the fed seems to be doing well and comes highly recommended.

So... welcome to the Top Ten!


(Optional, of course)
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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #16 on: June 25, 2011, 09:00:53 PM »
Perhaps this is just me  but the link inside of the thread at the top is not taking me to an e fed.
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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #17 on: June 26, 2011, 04:09:06 PM »
Phoenix Wrestling went through a few changes in the past couple of months and can be found at http://www.phoenixwr.com/

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #18 on: June 29, 2011, 06:50:57 AM »
Just to update this,

At PWR Global Domination II, Slaine Rodrick, one of the co-owners of Phoenix Wrestling which merged with Brandon Watkin's AWR to form PWR returned. Rodrick announced that the Revolution is dead and Phoenix Wrestling made it's return.

Fed Name: Phoenix Wrestling

Fed URL: http://www.phoenixwr.com/

Fed Owner: Nick (BAD ASS/ Slaine Rodrick)

Year's Established: 6

Style: Roleplay based

Number of Titles: 6 ( World Heavyweight Championship, Redemption Championship, Explosion Championship, Television Championship, International Championship, Tag Team Championships)

Number of Shows: 2, Redemption (Monday) and Explosion (Thursday)

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #19 on: September 20, 2011, 11:42:24 PM »
In the interest of full disclosure, I am going to state that this review is coming from a former member of the roster-- one that tried to leave quietly after numerous negative experiences with the owner, as a matter of fact, but I will get to that in a moment.

Now, I am not saying that the fed itself is bad; the site design is simple and intuitive, and the majority of the out-of-character scene is relatively pleasant. While the results formats jumped around some in my time there, any changes that were made were consistently implemented. It wasn't the highest quality writing around on a grammatical front, but it was pretty good despite this fact.

The issue comes with how the owner, Nick, treats anyone that dares to offer up constructive criticism, or even questions why he books as he does.

A prime example of this is how the handler that got me into the game, Kaji Fireson, was pretty well treated like garbage by Nick and the rest of his staff when he pointed out and criticized them for rather forcibly harassing their roster for feedback. Obviously, seeing someone I am close to treated that way did not sit well-- so I attempted to privately settle the matter, something that wound up with Nick doing positively nothing to apologize for mistreating Kaji, his focus instead staying on the rather small matter of a member of staff assuming that I and Kaji are the same person. (Again, in the interest of full disclosure; we live together, so our IP addresses match since we both use the wifi.) I wasn't horribly thrilled, but I let it slide, wanting to give them the chance to redeem themselves.

The character that I played there, Rachel Tanner, is a sarcastic face with one notable, distinctive quirk; she gives her opponents nicknames of varying levels of endearment or insult. A segment was written by a member of staff where they attempted to have her give the tag-team she was supposed to be feuding with a nickname... that was nowhere near what she would have said. I PMed Nick about the error, and asked him to please not do that in the future-- he responded reasonably and politely, an experience that I would never have the pleasure of repeating. Of course, when the next show rolls around... it happened again. By then, I decided to just roll my eyes at how such a simple request could not be followed, and just no-sell it from then on. Relatively minor issue, right?

Well, what came next was the last straw.

Throughout an entire cycle, NEXTWAVE (the team comprised of Rachel and her husband, Adrian) were supposed to be set up to face the reigning tag-team champions (Stone and Chaos-- forgive me, but I do not recall their name) at the next pay-per-view. Throughout that time, Rachel's interaction with said tag champions were... as a background character in segments, while Adrian was booked against them multiple times, be it in singles matches or tag-team matches with someone other than Rachel as his partner. I, personally, did not understand why Nick chose to go about this, so I again PMed him politely asking if he could explain what was going on so that I'd get it. His response was condescending and rude, and put me off from wanting to write there anymore.

I attempted to leave quietly, with my partner, via no-showing the pay-per-view. It was hardly the best way of doing so, but considering how Nick has responded to anything that is not blind rear-end-kissing with anger and condescension, I figured that it would be better to just avoid that altogether. His response was to harass Adrian's handler via PM on another forum, telling me that I made the right decision.

So to sum up; a fed that could be quite great... is tainted, quite a bit, by the owner. As such, I cannot recommend PW with a clear conscience.

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #20 on: September 21, 2011, 12:09:21 AM »
Formerly on Roster.

I'd like to say first off that most of the people who are a part of Phoenix Wrestling are good peoples. Sky, Geordie and TJ Jones especially. The results are fairly well written and put up quickly after the promo deadline ends. Most of the staff and roster members are all super talented and I have no problem with any of them whatsoever.

I do however, have to caution anyone who would join here. The current owner of the fed has repeatedly shown not to be able to take criticism very well, so much so that one longtime member of the roster freely admitted to me that he feels like he has to walk on eggshells when talking about the results/other announcements because he doesn't want to endure the wrath of Nick's angry responses.

One such victim of that wrath is a good friend of mine who had joined the forum maybe a day or so before the incident that ended up driving him away occurred, and had been thinking about joining the fed itself as well to play with my tag partner and I. This person made a response in regards to members of the staff pretty well harassing people for feedback on the show that at that point had just gone up. Now, I'm all for feedback, I love knowing what I did right or wrong, but the volume in which people were bombarded with messages to post feedback was a bit ridiculous. All that was said by this person, --again an outsider looking in for the first time-- was that they should maybe cut back on the jumping on people to feedback as much as they were. The response he got from some members of the staff, including Nick himself, was to be ostracized and told to leave, that he "wasn't welcome there."

When I myself chimed in asking them why they'd treat a possible new member (and a friend) like this, the thread was cleared so nobody could see what happened, with an addendum that nobody was allowed to be negative in their posts. This thread, I might add, was a general suggestions/complaints thread started so the staff could learn things that were wrong and fix them.

Despite that, myself and my tag team partner stuck around the fed because we wanted to give them a chance to redeem themselves. And while most of the staff in my opinion did, things with Nick only got worse. He snapped at my partner for asking a simple question, and was repeatedly condescending and rude to her. After dealing with somewhat shady booking, Nick's snippy attitude and my partner being made to feel like she wasn't worth much in the eyes of the people in charge, we decided to quietly part ways, no-showing their most recent PPV and allowing them to "fire" us. It wasn't the best idea and I am strongly against people that do that type of thing, but in this one instance we felt it was the right choice so as not to exacerbate things any further. I felt like if we had gone to Nick and told him we were bailing we would've gotten an angry rant from him and gotten banned anyways. It was a lesser of two evils decision, really.

After doing so, I came on my home fed's forums this morning to find an angry PM from him telling me that what we did (no-showing a show when despite one time that was due to medical issues neither of us had ever done so in the 3 or so months we'd been there) was "unbelievable" and that we'd never be welcome back in PW again. Keep in mind in this PM he never bothers to ask if there was some unknown issue that came up as to why we didn't show. For all he knew one of us was in the hospital or something. But no, instead of investigating the situation and attempting to find out if there was something wrong, he flew off the handle with no actual reason for doing so and acted like we were the scum of the earth. When I responded to his bogus claims he proceeded to ban me, my tag team partner and my other friend who hadn't done a thing in 4 months since being run off for again, no reason.

Nick's actions as a fedhead to me, are incomprehensible and downright wrong. You don't treat members like that, and I'm not just talking about the three of us, as there has been numerous rumblings around the roster that a lot of people do not like the way he acts, yet he continues unhindered because nobody is willing to step up and say something, lest they face the fear of being banned for, and I quote: "Ban Reason: Talked a lot of snork once confronted on no show
Ban will be lifted: Never"

This is not how you run an efed.

Again, the rest of the members of the fed are all good people and people who you should want to play with. But if you join PW be warned that the fedhead has some major personality flaws.

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #21 on: September 21, 2011, 06:00:32 PM »
After dealing with somewhat shady booking, Nick's snippy attitude and my partner being made to feel like she wasn't worth much in the eyes of the people in charge, we decided to quietly part ways, no-showing their most recent PPV and allowing them to "fire" us.

But no, instead of investigating the situation and attempting to find out if there was something wrong, he flew off the handle with no actual reason for doing so and acted like we were the scum of the earth.

So you decided to flake out on a PPV...and when you get chastised for it, you get all pissed that he didn't ask you why you no-showed?

And if Nick really can't take criticism, why would he be asking for feedback so much?

I'll get you a publisher for that cool story, bro.

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #22 on: September 23, 2011, 01:11:46 AM »
Before I even get down to starting here. I have one thing to say. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Before you jump on a forum publicly denouncing someone else's fed, maybe you better make sure the one you assist in running is in order first. When you sit on the staff of a fed where new members are made to feel unwelcome right from the gate over something as simple as a movelist, and this is justified to you because you happen to be sleeping with the fedhead in question, when you have members of your own roster who have flat out stated that people win matches in the fed you are staff of because of who they know and not because of their writing talent, and when it is suggested, on a daily basis, that things are less than fair and just in your fed, maybe you better get your own affairs in order before you start pointing fingers and throwing rocks at other people. At least Nick's shows aren't weeks late with no explanation and no updates on what's going on.

There, now that I've gotten that off my chest. As a NEW member of the Phoenix Wrestling Revolution experience, I have to say that I've been pleasantly surprised by how accommodating people have been. I've had one issue come up on the latest PPV with the way a match was written. And let me state expressly that the issue was not that I did not win the match, or that I did not last as long as I thought I should. It was a four man elimination match, in which three of us promoed and one did not. My issue was that the one person who DID NOT show up, was the last man pinned in the match. I immediately PMed Nick expressing my confusion over this point, and he was quick to offer apologies and offers of atonement. Someone not on the staff had written the match, and he hadn't wanted to hold the show up any later in trying to fix it. And yeaaaah, that's totally the mentality of a snippy, control freak, attitude riddled fedhead right? I've found Nick to be nothing short of accommodating to me, working with me every step of the way as far as storylines go, and with the booking, I've had no reason to complain about that either.

I find it humorous that the ones that are so quick to point the fingers and scream that they've been done wrong, are the ones that have often done wrong to others. I believe it was just a few weeks ago that the results of the first round of the Frank Tournament were questioned, and rightfully so. I can't think of a single fed that would allow a tag team to advance in a tournament when one of the members could not even be bothered to PROMO for the first round, while casting off a team handled by a single player who actually put time and effort into his work. As opposed to writing a promo that seemed to consist almost entirely of the character playing happy hostess and baking chicken.

Personally, I'd recommend that people take what they read here with a grain of salt...no, make that a whole salt shaker. Because one of these people, and I'm not saying which one, also made it a point to message me on msn almost immediately after I signed up, to warn me that I should be prepared to have my character written incorrectly, frequently. Hah. I guess we all know who that was, even without names being mentioned. But it's like this. The nature of this game, is that when you sign up to a fed, you do give some vestige of creative license to the staff. You give control of the booking over to the staff, and you are not always going to be booked how you feel that you deserve to be booked, just like you are not always going to win, every match that you think you deserve to win. It's the nature of the game, everyone judges things different. Unless you've never in your life gotten complaints about how you've written someone else's character (and in this case, I know this isn't true), you need to climb down off your soap box. I'm one of the most difficult people in this game to work with. My standards are high, and I don't take BS from anyone, whether it be fellow roster members or staff. Christ, I've been known to kill feds with the fury of my disgust (if you want examples, PM me and I'll be happy to provide them). But as far as what I've read in this post...well unless Nick has some kind of evil twin brother hiding in a closet somewhere....I'm just not seeing it.

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #23 on: September 25, 2011, 12:30:33 PM »
So with the ambition of getting this thing back on track, here I go:

I'm John and I handle Seth Black. I'm a staff member for PW, handling the technical aspects of the website and forums, writing results and planning storylines and such. On behalf of PW, I apologize for not noticing this thread sooner and keeping it more up to date with information.

I'd like to take this very, VERY short moment to recognize and thank the two individuals who are pretty much responsible for the rediscovery of this thread. In trying to make us look bad because of your own personal unwillingness to adapt, you've actually done us a favor. So thank you, even after your departure, Phoenix Wrestling would like to praise you for all the hard work you've done.   :dance:

Now time for the good stuff.

Yes, we now go by Phoenix Wrestling. The revolution is dead.

We can be found at http://phoenixwr.com. Sorry for the splash image, the new website is launching Sunday Night/Monday Morning depending on what time zone you're in.

At the moment we're running a roster split with two separate brands, Redemption and Explosion.

No word limits on RPs.

No minimum or maximum amount of RPs allowed per show. However, the single best RP wins.

A quick rundown of our titles:

PW World Heavyweight Champion - Robb 'The Dangerous Side Effect' McBride
PW Redemption Champion - Ash Bombay
PW Explosion Champion - Cobra
PW International Champion - Johnny F'N Rebel
PW Tag Team Champions - Trent Stone & Chris Chaos
**Accurate as of 9/25/11

We boast an exceptional roster of some of the best people (OOC or IC) that this game has to offer. Our OOC environment is friendly and IMO very easy to jump in and become a part of. With all of the dedication to this fed between the roster members and the staff members, we've certainly built an amazing place to play this game we all love. If your goal is to have fun, you will certainly have it. That's what we're all about. Not to mention...

:number1: :number1:

Next Update: 'Sentenced' PPV Wrap-Up

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #24 on: September 26, 2011, 12:27:58 AM »
Phoenix Wrestling is proud to present our newest PPV Wrap Up. Sentenced has come and gone, here is a rundown of the night, and the aftermath of the results.

World Heavyweight Title Match
Robb McBride (c) vs. Trent Stone

- In a highly anticipated match up, Robb McBride retained the Phoenix Wrestling World Heavyweight Title against number one contender and former Redemption Champion, Trent Stone. In a match that saw over 25 minutes of action, McBride was finally able to pull out a win via submission. After the match, Legacy interrupted The Dangerous Side Effect's celebration by coming out onto the stage. The show ended with an intense stare down that was rumored to be merely a catalyst for things to come. With the Pentagram making its return to Phoenix Wrestling, the competition seems to be coming out of the woodwork for a shot at the top prize in the company.

Sealed Cage Match
International Title Match
Johnny Rebel (c) vs. Legacy

- The sealed cage might have been the only structure on Earth capable of holding in the animosity that these two men share for each other. In yet another chapter to an already decoarted history, Johnny Rebel retained the Phoenix Wrestling International Title by pinning Legacy inside the cage after a violent display involving handcuffs, barbed wire, and a Louisville slugger.

Mason Daniels vs. Masaru Inoue

- In a back and forth matchup with plenty of close calls, Mason Daniels fought through adversity to capture the first available spot in the Pentagram at Devil's Playground, alongside current World Heavyweight Champion Robb McBride. Mason has been on fire since signing his PW contract, and this is yet another high profile accomplishment to add to his résumé.

Tag Team Title Match
Trent Stone & Chris Chaos vs. NEXTWAVE

- The sadistic duo of Stone and Chaos put on a showcase of violence that lasted upwards of twenty minutes. The aftermath saw Adrian Tanner Jr. severely injured at the hands of PW's newest, most sadistic tag team champions in recent history. With a couple of key wins under their belts and their team experience growing stronger each week, Stone and Chaos are starting to make themselves known as a force to be reckoned with.

Explosion Title Match
Cobra (c) vs. Michael Morrison

- The rematch between these two competitors boasted all of the action that was anticipated. A hard fought contest between two of PW's fastest rising stars came to an end with Cobra first hitting a variation of Michael Morrison's finishing maneuver, before finally finishing him off with the 'No Known Cure.' A great show of sportsmanship after the match was ruined at the hands of Legacy, who came out to lay down a warning to Cobra.

Seth Black vs. Rowen Haggarty

- The two step-brothers fought with everything they had for 15 minutes. In the end, in a dramatic and insane turn of events, Rowen Haggarty was able to pick up the win after stapling a dollar bill to the forehead of his step-brother. Seth's behavior after the incident has started rumor and speculation that the dollar bill had been soaked in a mind altering narcotic beforehand, rendering Seth Black virtually useless after the drugs entered his system.

Redemption Title Match
Ja Gi Kyung-Moon (c) vs. Ash Bombay

- In the only title change of the night, PW newcomer and number one contender to the Redemption Title Ash Bombay managed to pull out what some are considering a huge upset. It looked as if Kyung-Moon had Bombay all but finished, when Bombay was able to rally the energy to come out of nowhere with a desperation finishing maneuver. As the crowd showered Bombay with post-match boos, Jinx made his return to Phoenix Wrestling and hit the ring to attack the already downed Ja Gi.

Sebastian Mandadi vs. Masaru Inoue

- After great back and forth action for most of the match, Masaru was able to utilize a schoolboy roll up to end the match that Mandadi was confident he had in the bag. Mandadi was furious post-match, screaming for revenge and a rematch.

Defenders of Justice (Axel The Shark, Ricky Rock, Kris Keebler) vs. One Ring Circus (Exile, Georgie Nickles, Chris Shields)

- As the DOJ's luck would have it, Ricky Rocky was temporarily blinded just moments before the match, leaving GM Scott Rage in a scramble to try and find a replacement. Keebler and Axel would start the match outnumbered, but reinforcements quickly came in the form of Major General David 'Bones' McCoy. During the madness, Axel picked up a win for the DOJ after biting Exile and rolling him up with a schoolboy.

After the show, Slaine Rodrick got together with his General Managers to assess both rosters before moving forward. After the meeting the following changes were made, effective immediately:

Mason Daniels traded to Explosion, Legacy to Redemption

Adrian Tanner Jr. sustained a serious injury. He was cut from the roster, with his wife Rachel Tanner deciding to join him. Phoenix Wrestling wishes both competitors the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Ace and TJ Jones were both invovled in a car accident that will sideline them for an undisclosed amount of time. Juan Ramirez has been suspended due to being a prime suspect in the cause of the accident.

Exile has retired from active competition in Phoenix Wrestling. He will continue to lead O.R.C.

Kid Styles is out for several weeks with a family emergency.

Dyson Scott is out with a one month minimum medical suspension after suffering mild ligament damage.

Chris Shields is taking a short leave of absence for personal time and recovery

Jinx has been cleared of all charges and returns to active competition. Traded from Explosion to Redemption.

Mortius' medical suspension for cracked ribs is up, still no word on whether or not he will return to action.

Jason Taylor signs with PW. Assigned to Redemption.

Remaining Pentagram spots will be filled leading up to Devil's Playground

That's all for this edition of the PW PPV Wrap Up. Until next time, check in at http://phoenixwr.com for updates and breaking news inside the walls of Phoenix Wrestling.

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #25 on: March 20, 2012, 10:24:28 AM »
PW recently wrapped up one of it's most violent, action packed pay per views in quite some time. With that in the past, we invite you to check out www.phoenixwr.com/forums and read Malicious Intent. Here's the post Malicious Intent wrap up.

[[The camera fades into a shot of Phoenix Wrestling CEO and owner, Slaine Rodrick. Sitting behind his gold lined black marble desktop, he holds his hands and smiles confidently at the camera. A black flag with a giant orange phoenix on it waves gently in the breeze behind him from the open window adjacent to it. With a slightly overcast day in Phoenix, Slaine is free to do his video statement without dealing with the glaring Arizona sun.]]

Rodrick: Well that concludes Malicious Intent. I hope you all had a great time viewing one of my most favorite pay per views I’ve ever had the pleasure of promoting. New champions were crowned, legends returned, and my stars shined brighter than any constellation in the sky. What you saw at Malicious Intent was the very best of the men and women in PW. Some put in the performances of their career, and some put in performances that cost them their career. For how great this card was from top to bottom, there unfortunately will be a couple PW stars taking a hiatus from the ring.

[[Slaine sighs, losing that smile as he thinks about the star power that will be leaving.]]

Rodrick: Due to the horrific damage done to Mason Daniels after his match with Masaru Inoue, Mason Daniels is now laid up in the hospital with a coma. For Masaru's actions, he will not be getting paid for Malicious Intent. He’s the new PW World Champion, this is true, but he won’t get paid for either match at Malicious Intent as it will all go to Mason’s hospital bills. We wish Mason Daniels the best of luck, and hope he can maintain somewhat of a regular life once he recovers.

[[Slaine reaches for a glass of water nearby, taking several gulps to ease his anxious dry mouth.]]

Rodrick: Joining him on the out list is Cobra. After doing significant damage to his injured knee at Malicious Intent, he will need surgery. We’re looking forward to Cobra’s return, as he is one of the future stars of PW.  Also leaving PW, coincidentally the same man who competed against Cobra is Chris Shields. At Malicious Intent Chris announced that he has cancer and will be retiring from the sport. We truly wish the best for him, and hope one day he returns. Oh yeah and I’m not renewing Hawn or Haven’s contracts, they suck and don’t matter. Although it might seem bad with all the departures, with every three stars we lose, we gain three stars.

[[Slaine pops a smile back on, but not too much of newscaster one as he still feels like crap about seeing those three stars go.]]

Rodrick: Scott Rage, Arkia Fisk, and Cecile Lecrux all made their returns at Malicious Intent, and at Redemption they’ll make their returns to the ring! It’s an exciting time in PW with the roster merger happening, and seeing these three powerful names in the business return only means that the waters are only going to get deeper. Spike TV is set to host some of the biggest pro wrestling matches you’ve seen in quite some time. Add in Seth Black’s ‘experiment’ of sorts, and you’re going to see some true dream matches. The Iron King Tournament is only the beginning of something great. At this upcoming Redemption, Seth Black will shed a little light on that.

[[A wink from Slaine, letting the people know they’re in for something exciting.]]

Rodrick: If you’ve ever wanted to see a top star from Redemption clash with a top star from Explosion, now is your chance. Speaking of Explosion, I refuse to let it become a red headed step child. HDNet wants to limit my resources? Well I’ll make the most of it. March 15th marks the debuts of Jack London, Black Rose, Casey Elliot, Jamie Lockheart, and Terry Lee Richards. Five PW newcomers looking to mix it up with the sharks on Redemption. If they can make it two weeks on Explosion, then they might get the call up.

[[Relaxing back a bit, Slaine’s finally moved past the hard part and can now focus on the future of PW.]]

Rodrick: Otherwise it’s back to the indies. There’s some fantastic times ahead for PW. I just hope you can pay attention to it all and stick along for the ride.

[[Another sip of water closes out this segment, fading the charasmatic leader to black.]]


*All of Masaru's Malicious Intent earnings go to Mason's hospital bills

*Dominick Hawn and Haven are fired for poor performances

*Chris Shields, Mason Daniels, and Cobra are all injured/sick and on indefinite LOA

*Seth Black to reveal details about Iron King Tournament on the next Redemption

*Scott Rage, Cecile Lecrux, and Arkia Fisk return to Phoenix Wrestling

*Terry Lee Richards, Jack London, Casey Elliot, Jamie Lockheart, and Black Rose sign with PW.

*HDNet deal has limited Explosion to an hour long show, making it a farm league for PW.
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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #26 on: July 01, 2012, 06:53:07 PM »
With Explosion off the air, Marcus L. Benjamin has had to settle for the occasional backstage interview. Determined to get his name back out there, Markus has decided to take to www.phoenixwr.com to conduct in depth interviews with the stars of PW. This debut edition features the Mormon Mauler himself, Smith Young.

The following in-character article is brought you to by Sky, handler of Ja Gi Kyung-Moon.

Benjamin: What up, Phoenix fans.  It's Marcus Benjamin here, back in action, doing the interview thing with a new PW Media segment called Real Talk with Marcus Benjamin.  Every week I'm gonna bring you another Phoenix Wrestling star and let them get in their thoughts on some things been going down in Phoenix Wrestling, wrestling around the world, and anything else that comes up.  This ain't gonna be about smacktalking opponents, everybody got other places to do that.  We're gonna go beyond the promo and get some truth up in here.  And first on Real Talk is Smith Young.  Smith, welcome.

Young: Hello Marcus, I am happy to lend this show credibility by being the very first guest.  I would ask that you refrain from using any type of profanity or speaking ill of my beliefs during the course of this interview.  If those terms are acceptable, ask your first question.

Benjamin: Meh, they got me on a leash for the interviewing.  Say it's gotta be professional.  I said, you even know who I am?  But not like I can't pull it back.

Young: Not exactly an agreement, but I suppose It will do.  Feel free to make your first inquiry

Benjamin: First thing I gotta ask, who trained you?  You can get a little preachy but trainin's about shuttin' up and doing what you're told.  So who got to be the guy to show you the ropes?

Young: His name was Randall Francis, ring name Frank "Fireball" Wilson.  I met him through his son who attended Brigham Young University with me.  He was a wonderful trainer, and I had zero problems, as you so eloquently put it, shutting up and doing what I was told.

Benjamin: And how'd it get from the U to wrestling?  Is this like a mission from the elders or you came up with it yourself?

Young: I have been a fan of professional wrestling for my entire life.  Not the cesspool of violence, foul language, and sexual innuendo it has become, but true wrestling.  The kind of wrestling that I watched with my father and grandfather as a child.  As a Mormon, I was expected to go on a mission and help spread the word of the Lord.  Professional wrestling is seen in households all over the World, and I can reach people in the communities we perform in.  I brought my plan to the elders, and they agreed that it would be a good way to spread the word, and that this sport needed to be cleansed of its sins.

Benjamin: You got a timeline on that?

Young: As the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day.  This sport will be cleansed, whether I am around to witness that or not is a mystery.  I will tell you and everyone else, this one truth.  I will never stop in my mission to cleanse this sport.  The expletive excreting ignorami that populate this sport must be dealt with, and I am not the only one who believes this.

Benjamin: That really just brings up more questions, but I don't wanna talk about that so instead I'm gonna take it back for a sec.  Now, you were out in the indies before you came to Phoenix, even if you weren't out there for long.  What I wanna know is for somebody like you, what's the difference?  Yeah, PW's got the ratings and the eyes and ears but when it's just you and a few people in the convention center and your opponent trying to make the same impact, what kinda feeling is that like?

Young: It's very different, and sometimes it could actually be dangerous. If those people don't like what you're saying, there's no barricade to keep them from trying to attack you.  Now as far as trying to make an impact, I am a servant of the Lord, not to mention a natural athlete who graduated near the top of his class from a very prestigious univeristy.  I was always going to make an impact, and find my way on to national television.  It was the necessary step for me to spread the word.

Benjamin: And now you're in PW.  Be honest now, part of you's gotta like that you see all this stuff wrong so you got something to save.

Young: How dare you insinuate such a thing.  I hate the sin that runs rampant through this federation, this sport, and this nation.  There are so many people to save and so many sins to be abolished.  Being in a larger federation doesn't mean that sins suddenly pop up, it only means that I have a wider audience I can reach.  There is not part of that enjoys seeing people going through a sin filled existence.  Notice I did not say living, I said going through.  The only way to truly live, is to live for the Lord.

Benjamin: Yeah.  Course I don't agree, but whatever gets you outta bed in the morning.  But so does that mean that since nobody else in wrestling's Mormon that they automatically got a target on their back?  Is it about converting?  Hostile takeover?  You got goals but you ain't talked about an endgame.

Young: My endgame, as you say, is quite simple.  To spread the word of the Lord.  Mark four, verses three though nine.  "Hearken; Behold, there went out a sower to sow: And it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the way side, and the birds of the air came and devoured it up.  And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth; and immediately it sprang up, because it had no depth of earth: But when the sun was up, it was scorched; and because it had no root, it withered away.  And some fell among thorns, the thorns grew up, and choked it, and it yielded no fruit.  And other fell on good ground, did yield fruit that sprang up and increased; and brought forth, some thirty, and some sixty, some an hundred.  He said unto them, He that has ears to hear, let him hear." Do you understand what that parable means, Marcus? Do you understand what Jesus was trying to tell the people? No, of course an ignoramus like you would not comprhend the story.  I will inform you of this parable's meaning Marcus.  You see, the sower sows the word.  The sower is the follower of the Lord who spreads his word.  Many people will hear the word, Marcus.  Some will dismiss it without a second thought, some will pretend to accept it just to get rid of you.  Others will accept the word, but let the concerns of the World choke out their belief.  However, there is a fourth group.  Those who hear the Word, accept the Word, and then spread the word to others.  Those people are my endgame Marucs.  I love wrestling, and I will do everything I can to clean this sport, but in the end it is not about the matches or the titles or the money, it is about the Word.

Benjamin: So instead of getting a Youtube channel you do things the hard way.  Gotta respect the effort, at least.

Young: Is that supposed to be funny? I will not be mocked by someone of your ilk, Marcus.  Do you have any more inquiry's for me? If so, I suggest you raise them promptly, and with respect.

Benjamin: Hey, the show's called Real Talk.  That don't just mean the guests.  And you better get used to the mocking because you're gonna hear a lot worse from guys who also wanna kick your teeth in.  You got a problem with sinners, though?  Gimme your short list.  Who you gotta get in the ring before this is all out?

Young: Jason Scene, the man is a vile bragadocious fool.  Santana, the man is nothing more than a thug pretending to be a wrestler.  The same could be said for Jon Carlson, but you would need to add drug user.  Chris Chaos thrives on violence and blood, one of the many things I am to cleanse this sport of.  People like Arkia Fisk who would turn on their beliefs for the promise of money, and even though titles won on this earth ultimately mean nothing in heaven, they will give me additional camera time to spread the word, so any and every champion.  Is that list sufficient for you Marcus?

Benjamin: Vile thug pretending to be a violent sellout drug user.  Got it.

Young: Are you mocking me again Marcus? I do not appreciate the tone or inflection of your voice.  I was informed that this would be a simple interview segment, not a place to be ridiculed.

Benjamin: And I was informed that Julius Benjamin is my real father but I knew better than that.  That's all the time I got.  This is Marcus Benjamin, with Smith Young, and we got down to some real talk tonight.  See ya'll next week.

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #27 on: September 21, 2012, 05:51:09 PM »
Roster member speaking here.

As a former member and current new guy on the roster. The main page is easy to navigate through. The boards are easy on the eyes and easy to navigate through though. Though before you get access to the main boards and roster you get half the features being allowed to see former results. 

Though I must say this is one of the better federations out there, and I say that because after having to leave the first time due to life, and a busy work schedule. Though when I did decide to get back in the game I looked around, and I must say I couldn’t find another place like it, having amazingly well put together results, as well as storylines, and the atmosphere being amazing as well, the members of this federation treat new guys and former members who’ve returned like family. The Cards are well put together as well. 

If you're looking for a place to have fun in, then by all means take a look at Phoenix Wrestling.

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #28 on: October 06, 2012, 09:20:27 AM »
Well I was going to do P10's second eFed Review on PWR, but it appears that it is dead and gone. Can't find the report button either.

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Re: Phoenix Wrestling Revolution
« Reply #29 on: October 06, 2012, 09:58:09 AM »
PWR isn't dead guys. They just had a show last night