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Author Topic:  Pioneer Wrestling Association  (Read 8263 times)

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Re: Pioneer Wrestling Association
« Reply #15 on: September 26, 2010, 04:00:15 PM »
I've been in the PWA on-and-off since its original inception back in 1999. I joined a fed that was a part of the same community in the late summer of 2000, joined the PWA in January 2001, and stayed there until just before it closed its doors for the first time in 2002. When it re-opened for a third time in January '08 I was asked to join by a few friends I've made over the years and did so without hesitation. I'm glad to say that I still consider my go-to place whenever I get the itch to RP battle again.

The staff - now primarily consisting of Chris, Alex, and Rob - are all great to talk to about anything and everything. I'll flat-out say that despite whatever differences Alex and I may have had years ago? He's proven to be a much more than capable handler of a fed, and I'd go so far as to say that he's the greatest fedhead I've ever had the opportunity to work under. Does this mean Alex is 100% in charge of the PWA? No. That goes to Chris.

Chris does something many fedheads claim to do but so few actually act upon: he gives opportunities to anybody who is willing to improve and put forth effort. He will give feedback if you ask for it, provide critiques when you need it, and will get involved as much as possible with everybody all over the card, from newcomers to the game to long-time veterans.

Let me set something straight, though: you WILL lose, no matter how good or great you think you are. As Hunter said above, it can be a very sobering experience, especially if you come from feds where the norm is a brief promo that is filled more catchphrases and generic trash talk rather than wit, but also if your style is one of a large, almost epic story that comes down to a long, winding promo. You will also question losses from time to time, as you are likely to do in any fed you may be a part of, and if you ask in a polite and respectful manner? You will get a polite and respectful reply.

The OOC community is great. The PWA elders (just what I call them) - Joe (Matthew Engel), Rich (Riona Langly), Dre (the Strader clan), Alex (GM Lisa Seldon), Chris (Chamelion & Raizzor), and even myself (Corey Lazarus) - are all willing to offer critique and pointers. This goes also for other e-wrestling veterans who have recently joined the PWA, such as Harry (the infamous Simon Kalis) and Ryan (Rayn). Plenty of people have come into the PWA with limited experience and have either reached a level that they would admit they were not at prior (such as Johnny Maverick) or have improved their abilities to the degree that they no longer resemble the writer they were when they joined (such as Bean, who handles Jethro Hayes and Bubba J and operates Rebel Pro).

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the worst Geocities "X" fed you could find and 10 being the mecca of e-wrestling, I could put the PWA v3 at a solid 8.5. You will get frustrated from time to time due to disagreeing with decisions made, but you will get an extremely rewarding experience if you put forth the same amount of effort in RPs, strats, and on-card segments that everybody else does.

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Re: Pioneer Wrestling Association
« Reply #16 on: November 03, 2010, 01:26:47 AM »
I liked the layout of the website

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Re: Pioneer Wrestling Association
« Reply #17 on: January 23, 2011, 02:58:18 AM »
Still amazed to this day to see PWA still listed as a top ten fed. I know it can change at any given moment but there is no end to the appreciation to Roughkut for giving us the chance to be recognized.

That saying; some major changes are taking place... With my full support, Alex is leaving as GM to open a new fed under our AOWF banner and we're including a fourth fed, ran by one of our other handlers to make AOWF a four-federation site. 

If you choose to join PWA, we welcome you, but if you come through and find Rebel Pro, Victory Wrestling or BWF your cup of tea, then I'm all for it as well.  The PWA roster is large enuff that Alex is taking a few of them to Victory while he will probably seek out new additions here in RK over time. 

Same with Dave and BWF.

Our goal is to have a strong roster in all four feds with eventual cross overs for matches against each other.

Thanks again for the tremendous accolades given to the PWA!

Chamelion - The most devious SOB in the business today!
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Re: Pioneer Wrestling Association
« Reply #18 on: July 14, 2013, 03:32:08 PM »
Due to a few life related issues, babies, new house, burnout, ect, some of our regular talents have had to step away from the federation. Because of this, fed is in need of at least half a dozen new faces to fill the roster out. I will try and recruit for the website on an individual basis soon in the future, but it would be amazingly awesome if anyone out there would like to give us a nice embrace. Friendly community, dedicated members, solid role players. Our current fedhead is away on leave do to some personal issues, but we have two people who have stepped up and are more than willing to keep things going strong.


Give us a try guys, we've been going for a long time for a reason. ;)