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Here’s a rough list of some of the popular tutorials and essays I’ve written on the subject of ewrestling. Search for them all by using the tags and categories listed on the side bars.

What is eWrestling?

By Kut

Since my original “intro” to ewrestling is years behind, I thought I’d just write a new introduction for my new word press fueled theme– in blog form of course. Hope you enjoy and learn about our embarrassing little pastime…. [Read Full Post]

Roleplay Guide 2009

By Kut

The last major edit of my popular eWrestling roleplaying guide was in 2006. Well, times have changed and so has ewrestling in many ways.[Read Full Post]

Promoting your efed part 4 (The formula)

By Kut

I read every freakin’ link on roughkut.com and I STILL can’t get members![Read Full Post]

Promoting your efed part 3 (Popularity)

By Kut

Ok, so I’ve dealt with promoting your efed, advertising your efed, building a good efed and recruiting members. You have a good group of members and your results are up on time- sometimes …But for some reason your fed just isn’t popular. … [Read Full Post]

Promoting your efed part 1

By Kut

[Re-posting some old columns for updating, original date: 5/29/00][Read Full Post]

Promoting your efed part 2

By Kut

CAW 2009: Character Creation Re-visited.

By Kut

My character creation essay is a little out-dated and lacking a couple of key subjects that I never got around to updating. So, I will be using my word-press fueled blog and making an update…. [Read Full Post]

Choosing an efed

By Kut

So you want to dive back in, eh? Or worse, you’re a total n00bert and some persistent fed-head(whore) got you linked up to our little matrix and interested in ewrestling. I covered this topic before, well, actually I didn’t write it and could never figure out who did, but I think it’s time to re-visit this issue because well, times change…. [Read Full Post]

The Block: Writer’s block

By Kut
So here you are, sitting at your comp, staring at the screen and your brain literally makes a ‘pop‘ noise and it scares you, but at the same time it amazes you. Even through the utter amazement of your brain making a popping noise and wondering if you’re going to die, still you can’t seem to start the muther fucking RP!

Managing Multiple Members

By Kut

Surprise ewrestling tip: Alliteration and eWrestling are sluts for each other! [Read Full Post]

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