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My problem with CM Punk

Hello people! And a special thanksgiving/holiday hello to the roughly three people that still check this front page for blogs and bravely return even after being thoroughly disappointed every time! I know I’m a shitty writer, and haven’t been worth much since maybe 2004– but when does that stop me from showering you with my opinions? There’s nothing wrong with a little innocent, nude showering with young readers, right?  It’s just a little horseplay! Good, interracial towel-slapping fun! It means that I love you… in a totally platonic and male bonding way.  Just don’t tell anyone about it… it will be our fun little secret! I sure say “little” a lot.... [Read Full Post]

Kut and Pasted News #15

Well, this would be the first K&P since I upgraded to Wordpress. I just couldn’t deal with cutenews anymore. It just had sentimental value and that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Wordpress is far superior and it’s pretty much the blogging standard these days- Much easier to add photos, videos and such. So hopefully the content will improve around here.... [Read Full Post]