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I never considered someone’s death as being convenient. Yet @CMPunk is certainly reaping the benefits from the untimely death of the man who fans affectionately know as ‘Paul Bearer‘ aka Percy Pringle aka ‘The guy who I thought was Brother Love as a young Kut’. Which was especially sad, since he made his debut on the Brother Love show.... [Read Full Post]

My problem with CM Punk

Hello people! And a special thanksgiving/holiday hello to the roughly three people that still check this front page for blogs and bravely return even after being thoroughly disappointed every time! I know I’m a shitty writer, and haven’t been worth much since maybe 2004– but when does that stop me from showering you with my opinions? There’s nothing wrong with a little innocent, nude showering with young readers, right?  It’s just a little horseplay! Good, interracial towel-slapping fun! It means that I love you… in a totally platonic and male bonding way.  Just don’t tell anyone about it… it will be our fun little secret! I sure say “little” a lot.... [Read Full Post]