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Is E-Fedding Making Us Keep Toxic Friendships?

A few weeks ago I had to sever ties with some friends because I realized something.  They never were friends to begin with.  They were toxic!  You know the type, they smile to your face and offer to take things off your plate and help out but talk crap behind your back.  They believe other people because it’s easier to blame someone else rather than yourself when you’re doing badly and not living up to your expectations or anyone else’s.    They come crawling back with empty BS apologies and you take them back in.. Why?... [Read Full Post]

Less is Not More in eWrestling and Other Opinions About Fedheads

I was worried about not being able to come up with a topic for my opinion piece today after being sick for the last week and staying offline. But after cruising my normal spots I found something that got me to thinking. An eFed released a new design today literally is only one page with links only to their recent results and result achieve.  Keep in mind they said in their post about it that this is just a rough draft and I expect it to grow a little, but I have an issue with things like this. Of course if I didn’t have an opinion, then what would be the point of an opinion piece?... [Read Full Post]

The Types of eFed Quitters: Part II

A while back I wrote The Types of eFed Quitters and got quite a good response from it. Since then, I have come across new types, and figured why not do a follow up article? People quitting eFeds is something every fed head has to handle at one point or another, but it’s the way people quit which can make or break a situation. I myself just experienced a situation that was a mixture of The Divorce and The Main Storyline (Both covered in the first article) with a flare of some of the items that will be covered today. It’s never fun, but the show must go on.... [Read Full Post]