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Ewrestling, the dirty little secret?

It’s been a while and I felt like writing, and I don’t really have a direction, purpose or point to make, but since when does that stop me from raping you with my opinions? But you love them, don’t you bitch? You want it and you know it! Wait, pepper spray… we don’t need that. I wonder how pepper spray tastes by the way. Sounds more like a delicious and convenient meal topping than a weapon. WHY IS PEPPER SPRAY NOT AVAILABLE AT KROGER!!? Great, another idea I just gave away.... [Read Full Post]


As promised, I have re-visited this fed and I gotta say I’m impressed with it. The look is awesome, from the little news thing on the front page to the organization of the links and they way each page is laid out. Looks like a lot of care went into it. I do like eye candy, it says something about the overall quality most of the time.... [Read Full Post]