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With the growing popularity of the blogs here, I would love to continue writing them. Only coming up with good topics isn’t all that easy. So you can help me out by submitting to me your best topic idea for a blog! Odds are, I will cover it soon with my own take.

I will give you full credit for your idea and include a link back to whatever you want to shamelessly plug.

Simply, comment on this page and gimme your best idea for a blog and odds are I will cover it. Make sure to include a link of whatever you want me to plug for ya. Thanks.

BTW, the topic should be ewrestling related to some degree.

17 thoughts on “Submit Topic Ideas!”

  1. Your view on fedheads not giving females a fair shot at world titles due to their characters gender, not skill. (A lot of heads don’t do this, but there is also an equal or greater # that do this too, it’s sick & half the time the females are better then the males)

  2. I remember back when I started e-wrestling back in the day the majority of the feds were hosted on accounts such as yahoo geocities and angelfire. Now most of the free website hostings are gone. I guess due to the fall in the economy or something to that nature.

    I think a topic should be done on web hosting. I know its kind of a nerdy subject. But lets face it most people who start e-feds are young. I can remember back when I started my efed. I couldnt even drive yet so I had to be anywhere from 13-15 years old. But yet I was running my own e-federation. So I strongly believe if the information got out to the public of a place they could host a e-fed and not have to pay for it would be a good topic. Because alot of websites offer different things.

    Sure most of the free website site hostings will have that annoying ad. You know the one im talking about whether it be a pop up ad or one that stays on the right or left of the screen. But free is free and the more efeds that are created the more the sport grows.

    Also I think another great topic would be the use of personal wrestler websites.

    Now im sure alot of people may not understand what im talking about. But alot of e-wrestlers, such as myself. Enjoy creating an actual webpage to host their roleplay. Reason being they may have alot of pictures, music, or custom backgrounds. Plus alot of people believe in quality over quanity. And I believe in this as well. But I also believe someone who is willing to put the time and effort into creating a custom entrance video or search the web for those certain pictures of there e-wrestler image to help enhance the feel of the roleplay is a big plus.

    But im sure alot of people may feel different about the idea of someone being able to go back and edit the html of there webpage. Where as if the roleplay was posted on a message board they would not be able to edit the roleplay or at least without anyone knowing.

    Both of these subjects are just things I had on my mind. Let me know what you think and I hope they get talekd about…im sorry blogged about.

  3. Kut, I’ve got a topic idea I was always interested in and would love to hear your opinion. A large majority of eWresetling promotions are run using forums (Proboards & VBulletin, etc.) But at the same time, many of those same promotions have “front pages”. There’s places that host front pages and then some promotions spring to BUY a dot com.

    Do you think that own a domain makes you more professional and appealing? What about those sites that have log-ins for members to post their roleplays and they’re exclusive? Have you ever seen a dot com that looks like shit?

  4. Hi. You should take a look at I noticed an article about “Alliances.” Do you think they would qualify as an alliance? They do have many different leagues with montly alliance wide pay per views in addition to the league pay per views? Is this more what you were looking for in an alliance?

  5. Ok, how about a topic about regional efeds. When I started efedding in the late 90s there were too many to count…now you cant find barely any…most are WWE wanna be feds or just another Global fed…

  6. How about an RP guide for the more advanced. I saw that your RP guide said it was for more begginer people that wouldn’t know how to write an RP. I know how to construct a role-play just fine, I’m just terrible at it. I feel like I’m missing the point because every roleplay I write I lose the match. I’ve been a match-writer for a year and I depend purely on my actual match, the entrances and the conclusion.

  7. Alright, you need a topic on F-Fedding, ive been doing that for like 8 years after 3 or so toiling in e-feds.

    its completely the way to go, and its a shame there isnt more like us. Check it out, im in IUW, but CWF is well done too, just join the forum and go down to the bottom to see the feds, its really really good stuff i promise, THE BEST

  8. do an article about Forum Fedding, its soo much better imo, though i do like e-feds ive never gone back for the past 8 years. its my life im in IUW, if you wanna know more i can send you some show results to get an idea

  9. NoMo,

    Most e-feds ARE forums, so “forum fedding” is efedding. Sorry to burst your advertising bubble.

  10. Its not an advertising bubble…its different than an E-fed for frealllllllz

    its basically..instead of roleplaying all the time, you write like maybe one or two promos a week with your feud partner, shows are on sunday. and they are expertly put together by the owners…

    so no roleplay..just lots of behind the scenes stuff and then on sunday everyone reads the show and is surprised

  11. A very similar request was asked on the forums for an efed where you roleplay and the roleplays are added into the results instead of posted on the boards.

    I don’t know much about this system but it basically sounds like an “email fed”. Just a tad before my time in ewrestling.

    I don’t see how it’s “much different” than a normal efed in any case. The only difference is nobody gets to read the RPs during the week.

    I suppose it forces people to read the RPs during the show, but if people aren’t going to read RPs, they aren’t going to do it anywhere.

  12. Yo does anyone know what happened to geforums?!

    I used to be a member of CWF and would love to get back fedding again.

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