Social Networking in ewrestling.

This is one of those rare (frequent) blogs where I have this idea… but have nothing really deep or enlightening to say about it. But when does that ever stop me from forcing my opinion on you? Exactly. So I have no point, rhyme or reason for this blog, but many times my most entertaining work comes from freestyle writing. Is this one of those times? Well, you can read along and find out at the end if I just wasted precious time out of your life. HAHAHAHAHAHA! *Ahem*

Ah, the internet. Such a vast and wonderful world we’ve built for ourselves. How it’s changed over the last 12 years has grown by leaps and bounds. Well, it hasn’t really “changed” per se. People still basically visit webpages and post stuff. That’s almost the entirety of the internet since it’s inception. It’s just gotten quicker and easier and you can post videos of stuff. Stuff like cats. Here’s my cat.





Somewhere along the way, some dude in Harvard stole some idea from some twins about posting stuff to other students at Harvard… Booyah: Social Networking was born! Well, there’s probably more to the story. I do remember something called Myface? Myspace? Something like that. All I remember about that place was sparkly, dancing bullshit that slowed my screen down so much that I stopped visiting it.


I'd love to add you... but I love my corneas more.


So anyway, now there’s a billion people posting stuff to other people on Facebook. That’s the gist of it. You post shit for other people to see. THAT’S WHAT THE FUCKING INTERNET IS! THAT IS SOCIAL NETWORKING IS! Facebook’s “great invention” is posting shit to other people! But you get to CHOOSE which fucking people get to see the stupid shit you post! That’s the all so groundbreaking genius of Facebook!! And Facebook locates people that you might possibly have been happy never seeing again, but you add anyway so your “friend count” gets inflated with motherfuckers you likely will never physically see anyway! BRILLIANT!

I spent all day on Facebook at one time. Not that I care about any of the shit people post. But because I want people to like the shit I post.

So onwards a little way until we get to Twitter.

Now, Twitter caught on pretty fast. I believe even faster than Facebook. There were a lot of people that still stuck with Myspace through thick and thin with Facebook around. But Twitter?

Twitter has no rivals. Twitter has become maybe not as massive as Facebook, but much more of a Juggernaut. If you watch the WWE, Twitter may even be their God.

If you’re like me, you wonder why the fuck is this?

Twitter, after-all, is nothing more than a mindless popularity contest. To top that off, it has zero substance because you are only allowed 140 characters. So it boils down to who has the best sentence.

As unlikely as it seems, Twitter took off like a rocket. As likely as it seems, it’s ruled by celebrity nonsense. Let me give you a real time example of what I’m talking about.

This is a recent “tweet” from CM Punk, of WWE lore.




I almost never know what this guy is talking about. It’s either some insider joke or generally ambiguous nonsense. I’m sure SOME people who follow his every move might understand this. But still 169 people re-tweeted it to their own followers for some insane reason. People who are probably MUCH less likely to know what the fuck it means. Even more insane; 76 people Favorited it. This meaningless tweet meant so much to 76 people that they forever want to remember it.

Sure, maybe it was some joke I missed on WWE TV. But, it’s just one example of the blandness that he tweets and how many people mindlessly embrace it.

Why do I follow him? Well, he’s an intriguing guy I will admit. He has a good look, decent character and he can be entertaining at times. But I follow him for the reason I follow other wrestlers, because I’m into pro-wrestling and I’m always looking for material to write about it. Like the stuff I put above.

Now here’s another example of someone who has three times the followers of CM Punk.




Now I don’t follow The Rock, not for any reason other than he’s pretty boring on Twitter. It’s rarely, if ever ambiguous, still,  I am not interested in a constant stream of motivational tips and his workout schedule. I mean. there’s really nothing of entertainment value about his twitter feed. Hard to imagine, given how “Electrifying” and funny he can be in the WWE.

Here we have a simple blurb about how he’s going to workout now. He said, in so many words, “I’m going to workout now”. Damn near 1000 people re-tweeted this to their own followers. So, there’s no telling how many people got word about The Rock going to fucking work-out in the morning. Again, more alarming; 275 people were so moved by this groundbreaking event that they Favorited it. The Rock is going to work out. Doesn’t get more mundane for news. This is the FAVORITE PART OF PEOPLE’S DAY!

That’s Twitter! Now imagine you posting about how you got up to work-out. You’re in pretty good shape if you don’t say so yourself. Do you really think anyone cares that you are going to hit the gym? Much less, are so motivated by you working out that they want to save the news of your morning workout forever?

Now with all this said, I’ve found that Twitter and Facebook (more so Twitter) can be a very effective tool for your efeds.

As you’d imagine, there’s quite a few ewrestlers and fedheads on my Twitter feed. I’ve noticed that many of them go back and forth, in-character, about their matches, feuds and the workings of the fed. Even as far removed from ewrestling as I am, I find this very interesting and entertaining.

Even MORE interesting, I found that if you know how to work this, you can use it very successfully. Example being; I’ve been on Twitter for a long time, maybe a couple of years and I haven’t broken 200 followers until recently and I’ve gotten at least one or two followers a day since. It’s real simple too.

You interact with people. Odd, huh? Simply talking and replying to people gets you followers. What happens is eventually, you say something that someone likes, and they retweet it. This introduces you to their own followers who might not know you. If they found you interesting, then maybe a couple of their own followers may take notice and look closer. Do you see the pattern?

I put my twitter up a long time ago, I have some automated gadgets that posts news automatically and maybe I’d post something that I thought was so fucking astute that the world simply MUST see it. And the followers came, but very slowly.

It wasn’t until maybe a few months ago that I started actually talking to other people… that’s when the followers finally spiked and broke the 200 mark.

There is another tactic that I’ve been noticing lately. There are people that follow hundreds, sometimes thousands of others and it gets them a surprisingly high number of follow-backs. Good tactic, nothing wrong with it. But I don’t do it myself, I only follow those of direct interest to me. I just can’t have my time-line filled with stuff from people I don’t know. So, I in-turn lose almost as much as I gain. Most people that follow you expect to be followed back. So the follow count I have is a slow, slow process. I usually get 5-6 followers a week. But I’ll end up losing 2-3 a week. If you’re a good person, and you interact with me, I’ll likely follow you back even if I don’t find your tweets particularly of interest.

There are also some people that will follow you, and a week or so later un-follow you and leave you wondering “what the hell?” It can be quite traumatic for someone with a low follower count to be un-followed. You’re always thinking “Is it something I said??” So you adjust by being less and less like yourself to try and please the rest of your followers. I don’t really care anymore. I do me. Bitch.

I took a closer look. These people that do this almost always have the same amount or very close following to followers ratio. Like they will have 4333 following and 4300 followers. Simple. They follow the shit out of whomever they come across and if you don’t follow back immediately, they un-follow you and think nothing more of it. It’s so obvious when someone who doesn’t share any sort of interests starts following you randomly and they are not some bot, but a real person.

It’s a tactic that works, but isn’t that kind of… empty and soulless? If you are doing it just to inflate your followers, that’s kind of sad.

Well, I personally use Twitter as a means of entertainment. So I really don’t want to read a bunch of shit from people who have nothing in common with me and I don’t find interesting. I don’t care if I have 200 followers or 20,000.

I also find, youdon’t want to have TOO little following. You want to follow as many people as you can or you’ll find that your timeline won’t be very interesting some days. I follow around 100 people. Most pro-wrestlers. I see a lot of dead time for this fact. But I’d still rather have dead time, than read a bunch of drivel from random strangers. It’s a delicate balance finding people to follow, for me at least.

I’m just rambling on and on, right? Well I told you I didn’t have a point!

And follow me on Twitter. lol







7 thoughts on “Social Networking in ewrestling.”

  1. Simply want to say your article is as surprising. The clearness in your submit is just spectacular and that i can think you are a professional in this subject. Fine with your permission allow me to snatch your feed to keep updated with coming near near post. Thank you 1,000,000 and please carry on the enjoyable work.

  2. I’ll throw these stats out there, not to post but as a reference:

    E-Wrestling Nexus: 514 followers –
    Masked Muchacho: 1359 followers –
    David Tyrrell: 822 followers –

    I think I have the number of followers that I have because I make sure to follow back everyone that follows me. I also use twitterfeed which enables me to autopost RSS Feeds. Meanwhile, I’ll retweet what I like. Post retweets for shoutouts and shoutouts for shoutouts. My follower count skyrocketed when I started incorporating all of this.

    One other thing I should mention. If you aren’t too keen on what your followers post what I did was start putting people of interest in lists. Everyone who is put on a list is automatically notified when they’ve been put on one. This draws attention to your twitter account. One of the nifty things about creating a list is people can subscribe and when you go to said list you only see tweets related to the people in that category. (Examples e-wrestling, basketball, celebrities, work related, etc..)

    Someone also solved the problem of the 140 character limit. If you want to post something longer than 140 characters you can go to or well… go to Facebook. Either way, this method lifts any restrictions to what you want to say. Keep in mind, most people use Twitter with their phones and that’s the reason while the shorter, more to the point messages are so popular.

    Overall, I love Twitter. It gives me a built in excuse why I only have 41 members at the E-Wrestling Nexus. I can always point to the influx of people following @ewnexus on Twitter and the amount of activity there. Twitter really has helped me connect with a variety of different people, not just involved in e-wrestling but CAW Leagues, pro wrestling, creative writing, entertainment, and so forth.

    Great article RoughKut. Hopefully some of the tips and tricks I added here will help everyone. Make sure to follow RoughKut. His tweets are great automated, retweets, live and in living color, or otherwise.

    Kind regards,

  3. Neat trick: Did you don’t have to follow someone to read their tweets? If you want to read tweets by pro wrestlers for example, just create a list – Pro Wrestlers. When you go to your list you’ll only see tweets from the pro wrestlers you put on your list. Again, you don’t even have to be following any of them to do this.

    This gives you more room to follow people who you’ll have a much greater chance of following you.

    Sure, a lot of people have interesting tweets but if you categorize what people are saying you’ll have a much more filtered and stream-lined way of doing so.

    I also have a “VIP” list or “Favorites” for people who’s tweets I want to see the most. If you are following over 200 people making lists really helps truly “follow” people better.

  4. I actually didn’t know you could read tweets from people with the list thing without following them. Good tip. Have to try that. But I don’t imagine I’d like to click the list everytime, I’d prefer to just read my timeline.

    I do use the list thing for other things. I used it a lot when I tried to run that Twitter fed a while ago.

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