Real money on ewrestling?

I had this creative title in mind: “Real Money on Fake Wrestling“. But that title would have been offensive to a certain demographic. Plus saying “Fake Wrestling” when referring to ‘ewrestling‘ is kind of an oxymoron, no? Just don’t tell Vader that I said that, please?

None-the-less, off we go with yet another blog topic that I stole from members on my forums. Hey, sue me. It’s not easy coming up with blog ideas for this god forsaken game of ours. My members come up with some of the best topic ideas and instead of making a long winded reply, I usually decide to just write a blog about it.

A bit of a story, if you don’t mind.

Anyone familiar with PlayStation 3 may know about ‘PlayStation Home‘. It’s basically a vast virtual chat room and not very far off from roleplaying. You are an ‘avatar’ in this world and you can customize your clothing, purchase homes, pets, etc.

If you’ve ever spent any time in PS3 home, then you are painfully aware of the high-schoolesque hierarchy of social status. You can go in believing that “it’s just a stupid game” if you like, but you won’t enjoy it for very long. Why? Because when you try to connect with the more popular members, they will ultimately ridicule you if you are using the default aka free items given to you for your avatar. Matter of fact, “Default” is a derogatory term used to describe newer members who haven’t been initiated.

No running man line for you, DEFAULT!!

It’s easy to blow off this at first. Then, later when you find out how much there is to do there, and you start enjoying the virtual world, you’ll find that you need to interact with people. If you’re like me, you initially will say things like “I don’t feel the need to purchase cartoon clothing for my stupid cartoon character!” Most often, you’ll be called “poor” in response. You WILL be put into the lowest common denominator and worst case, totally ignored by anyone other than other Defaults. Not to sound like a condescending prick, but the “Defaults” are for the most part a group of blithering idiot noobs, who 80% of the time are just trying to get some cyber sex friends.You’ll basically be sitting at the nerd table.

So I found myself buying some 50 cent jeans here, a nice new button up shirt there, sometimes even splurging on a nice Pistons Jersey for 3-4 bucks. Even tho it’s just a silly virtual world, I enjoyed the compliments and simply fitting in with the ‘in crowd’. At the very least, not being ignored when I want to play some game of bowling or shoot some pool or race cars.

I haven’t been on PS3 home in quite some time now. Along the way, I remembered that I’m 30+ and I’m talking to mostly children, 20 and under (or so they claim) and it just gets a little too creepy for my taste. But I am reminded of a time when my son, who was around 10 at the time, begging me to buy him some “points” for that Club Penguin online game. “How ridiculous”, I thought. I’m not going to buy you cartoon clothes and crap for your cartoon fucking penguin! What’s wrong with using the free shit? What? You want stupid cartoon furniture for your cartoon IGLOO?? Go outside!!

In other words, I told my son to his face to be a “Default“. In other-other words, I was a huge stinking, thoughtless hypocrite. I do believe I am right in principle and there are more important things in life than buying shit for cartoons to wear just to basically show off to people you don’t even know.  But looking back, and after being involved in PS3 home, I saw how he felt and it made me feel like total shit as a parent. A pile of shit that someone urinated on.You just can’t get those times back, they are forever lost. Of course my kid still loves me and all that, but still, you always wonder what kind of damage, albeit slight that you caused.

Moral of this story? What’s the big deal about spending money on something you enjoy to do?

If you are into building model trains and elaborate tracks and towns for your choo choo to chug thru, then you’re coming out of some good money. You’d be surprised how many adult men are into this. It’s actually kind of weird, but I don’t judge.There’s facebook groups and everything for this hobby. Nobody would call these people silly for buying little trees and mountains for their hobby, right?

See? You CAN buy happiness!

This goes for ANY hobby, whether you’re a photographer, collect rare butterflies, or even have a baseball card collection, you at some point need to spend some cash to display your hard work and show it off. Nobody would really think twice about it either, unless your hobby is collecting human hair from unsuspecting victims or something.

So why I ask, is it such a common theme in ewrestling to be a cheap skate all of a sudden? More than not, I see people who would just as quickly contest to see who can last their entire efedding career without spending so much as a single dime on anything.

Getting a domain name for your efed is not more than roughly ten dollars a YEAR! Seriously? You blow that on a trip to Seven Eleven on a given Saturday. You can’t get a combo at most fast food joints for much less anymore. But you’re all of a sudden some poor student when it comes to investing in your hobby.

Over the 12 years of, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve spent thousands running this site. With certain software, premium versions, hosting, domain, etc, and I don’t have a problem with it because I enjoy running this site.

I’m not saying I’m better than, or you’re worse than for being frugal. But if it’s a matter a principle, than there’s nothing wrong with putting some financial investment into what you enjoy doing.

Not much more to add to this quick topic, see ya on the next blog!

6 thoughts on “Real money on ewrestling?”

  1. I completely agree 100%. “Why would you pay money for that?” is a response often garnered for a lot of things that people find fun hobbies. But my response usually is “Because I don’t want not spend money and be bored”. You should spend money on whatever you like for fun I think, as long as it’s within reason you know. Paying $700 to enter the PPV of a efed, would be a little ridiculous. But then again, if it’s what you want to do and have a means to, who am I to judge. I just think it’s all subjective, and if it makes you happy, why not?

  2. I would never tell somebody how to spend their money, but what I resent are the comments made by fedheads etc that do spend money, suggesting that forum based feds are somehow worse because they don’t have a flashy website or domain name etc. These things are nice but not required. The best feds are the ones that tell the best stories with the best characters and writers.

    A lot of people these days spend ages on forum and web design before making sure they have a solid product and dedicated RPers, which ultimately leads to their nice looking, but completely empty feds going to waste.

    I don’t know about everybody else but I read shows before I join a fed, I don’t look at graphics.

  3. Great article! I run two feds and use yahoogroups for them. We have 3 groups. One group is where the shows, card schedule, and important fed announcements are sent out. One group is for the rp’s (for both feds), and one group is for OOC. It’s not that I’m against paying money for a web site. It’s that I have no idea how to make a web site nor do I have the time to figure it out or maintain it.

    I have 20 members and one of my two feds have lasted since November 2004. I have male and female handlers from all over the globe. We always get our two shows out on time each Wednesday. We ask for one rp a week (many members do more), and something fun is always happening. Many of my members have been with me for multiple years.

    My opinion is it takes a community to run an e-fed and my two feds survive because of a lot of member help. I really can’t advertise on Kut or other places a lot because there is no web site to review other than the yahoogroups sites we use. We’re closed off, which means you need to be approved to join the groups (we’ve had our bad members as anyone has over the years, so we screen who we let in).

    In the end, I focus on the product. I work hard at putting extras like rumors, analysis, and other such fun pieces of work into the two feds besides the two shows. The members are very into things. I think all the time and effort I’ve spent on two simple feds in yahoogroups is much more than any dollar I could have put down (at one time I DID pay $1.99 to E-bay to auction off a World Championship match one of my characters was in for a rival fed … my character was playing the part he didn’t want to wrestle the champ because he thought the champ was beneath him).

    It’s a labor of love as many of my members say. We’re not flashy, but we get the job done. I guess one could say it’s priceless (quote Mastercard, lol).

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