RIP Stak!

Not the first time We’ve lost a fairly close member of the ewrestling community, but certainly the most shocking.

I was good friends with a man named Doug, who just happened to work in the world trade center… and just happened to be working there, talking to me on the AOL messenger on 9/11.. and just happened to be while two planes decided to crash into the buildings taking them, and Doug down with them as we casually chatted while we should have probably been working.

Losing Stak just kinda brings all of that back.

Stak was one of those members who spoke his mind and generally alienated people, but you respect him for doing it. I respected Mark/Stak for being there. When the chips were down and nobody else seemed interested in a declining website about pretending to wrestle, Mark was right there. Even if we disagreed about mostly everything, he was there and I appreciated it.

I don’t know what ailed him. I never even knew he was this sick. But I remember him being one of the few people who contacted me on AM… just to talk. He would often contact me, and I’d roll my eyes wondering what kind of shenanigans I was going to experience when I opened his AIM session. If it was arguing about the Sharks/Redwings or talking about the WWE, Stak would always be right in my face.

And I’m going to miss that.

So, Stak, if you somehow have an internet service and are checking RK like you normally would, I miss ya bud. It’s definitely not going to be the same without you around. Some people, you just expect to be around every day.. and you take them for granted.

RIP Mark!






3 thoughts on “RIP Stak!”

  1. While I may no longer be involved with Pretend Wrestling (retired awhile ago), I still talked to Marc from time to time… the man was an idea generator. He always talked to me about new stuff he wanted to do for Newera and more.

    I was shocked when I found out earlier today about him passing… and I feel like we all just lost a real good guy in this world.

    I never knew him too personally, but he was a friend, we talked beyond efedding, and so I really wish his family the best, if I believed in God or religion, I would pray for the well being of the rest of his family. I wish them the best through this hardship.

    I hope we all can learn from him, his blunt attitude, and his ideas. Again, he was a smart guy, and I’m certainly hoping he wasn’t suffering for long.

    RIP Marc.

    Your bud, Jase Chaos/Acid Burn

  2. Damn…its not often I hear or see something like this…it just seems like an oddity within the pretend wrestling community…This is now the fourth Ive heard and its always sad to hear. I personally didnt know stak…but judging by the descriptions both Jase and RK gave…Im sure Id have liked the guy…

    RIP Marc…

  3. Haystak was a guy who was always good to me. Even when I did something dumb, got heated or had an ego. He was always there, usually to make fun of me. But in a nice way. When I heard I went to AIM expecting to see him there. Mark was always in good humor and jut upbeat it seemed. Also come to find that I recently moved near him. Its a shame I never got to meet him. Hopefully I will get to see him on the other side.


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