State of The Game

The Scene Opens with the backs of a room full of bustling journalists and reporters being shown. They all seem to be anticipating someone of high importance. They sit in front of a stage with a brown podium adorned with an official looking but suspiciously cartoonish emblem with a ridiculously large American flag in the background of the stage. Some are rustling with notes, some are snapping photos and others are talking amongst themselves until they are interrupted by an official looking man in a tidy, but cheap suit that walks out and stands in front of the podium and adjusts the microphone.

*Feedback blares throughout the room and audible screeching and cracking from the microphone being adjusted*

Man: Ladies and gentlemen of the press, the President of Ewrestling: RoughKut!

Some may say I’ve gone off the deep end by proclaiming myself “President of E-wrestling”. I say you’re damn lucky that I haven’t decided to become the Supreme Leader and create a cult of personality around myself and start calling myself Kut Jung Il. I mean, who else wants to step up as the authority of ewrestling? At least I am allowing a congress! …You’re welcome.

Now that we’ve established that I am ‘the man’, let’s get into the address.

Yes, yes, we all know I’m not the “end all be all” of ewrestling or whatever that means. I’ve been reminded of this thousands of times by random folk who visit the site, and decide I’m “Hitler” because some trivial disagreement on the forums.

That’s what RK was designed for, to be the place where ANYONE can come and a have a neutral territory with equal treatment. I do have friends that are closer as would be expected, but bottom line is; nobody gets special treatment at RK. Everyone is welcome here, until you prove to be a dipshit that is. There is no elitism on this website, and I believe I’ve proved that in the 11 or so years of running it. That isn’t always the greatest thing in the world, because RK has had its fair share of… unique members. That can be a turn off to some, but it’s what RK has always stood for.

Over the years, ewrestling, like life has undergone change. Change is the only constant. Change is something we all must accept, because you basically don’t have a say in the matter. Things must and always will change. How you deal with that change will decide your status in life.

We can whine about how everything sucks now and daydream about the good ol days. For every nostalgic romantic who longs for the glory years of ewrestling, there are people who are quite content with the way things are right now, even prefer it.

Whether the present state of ewrestling has changed for the better or worse is purely subjective and speculative. There is an empirical realty that we must deal with, and this is attested by countless individuals who play this game: There is a lack of handlers and influx of efeds.

You’ll get those (and I have) who see nothing wrong with this and will argue that it’s a positive. However, ewrestling is a game and you can’t have a successful game without players and only coaches. This is why you find so many efeds opening on a weekly basis, only to close up shop due to little participation if any.

Now I’m not arguing whether hundreds of dead efeds is a good or bad thing, what I am suggesting is that it can only harm the overall quality of the game. When this argument arises, it is assumed that every fed-head who opens a doomed efed is a potential ewrestler who could be helping a more active fed. This isn’t necessarily true, though we all share a common bond through ewrestling, it can also be possible that not all of us want to be a player, but the leader. It’s just not always true that every fed that opens takes away from another struggling efed.

Can ewrestling be “saved”?

Well, of course it can. One thing I am never for lack of is ideas. What I DO happen to lack is the desire and motivation to do it. Even WITH the lofty number of deteriorating efeds out there, there is a way to return the game to the state of excellence that many of us fondly remember.

Am I going to save it? Probably not—as it requires effort that has been sucked out of me over the years. I run this website still, basically, because people still use it. Not because of some altruistic duty to ewrestling. I do not see myself as some savior, I see myself as a guy who runs a website. It would also require going against the fundamental foundation that this site stands on.

So whatever then, jackass, how can it be saved?

First, there’s no need for name calling.

  1. You find the successful efeds out there and connect them through a website, such as RK. You post stats, showcase the talent, tout the shows, you know like we used to do.
  2. You find a nice round number, like “big three” or “big five” and you harrow them as the “major brands”. Doesn’t matter what public opinion is, you just pick ‘em and stick to ‘em. Everything doesn’t have to be a matter of public opinion and as proven by living. People don’t know what’s best for them. The majority isn’t always right and people all want everything and nothing and nobody agrees on one standard. You tell the public, these are the best and you focus on them. If left to public opinion, there would be 1200 different “major brands”.

The idea here is to establish a level of quality that people want to attain. So, really it doesn’t matter if there are countless shitty efeds opening and closing when there is a “Big Five”.

This is where you must be creative, because you need to have a community that is willing to support your opinions of who the “Big Five” are. I mean, obviously they need to be well respected efeds in their own right and they need to be of substantial quality from the design to the writing. You still need to really be able to sell that, these are THEE places to be.

Here’s the less desirable part and where RK has to step aside on principle. You must be an elitist; you have to virtually ignore the lowly Indy feds. Maybe give ‘em a dark corner to struggle to get some exposure. They are not part of the elite few.

In no time at all, you’ll have a handful of efeds that are overflowing with membership and a community that flourishes from it. That’s the idea at least. It’s also something that goes against the purpose of RK, so don’t expect it to happen here. RK started in spite of these types of websites and its only circumstance that RK has risen to the top and remains.

A huge part of this is design. Doesn’t matter what people say, shiny things attract people. Your community must be spectacular and the big five must share that artistic flair.

I’m not arguing that having an elitist community is a good thing here; I’m arguing that it’s a necessity. What would pro-wrestling be without the WWE? What is the WWE now without a large competitor? In ewrestling, two won’t do. You need a small handful because of the shelf life of efeds and the tastes of the ewrestlers.

Even if you detest the idea of an elitist group in ewrestling you need to come to terms with the fact that it is a necessity to create an atmosphere of quality and competition. Right now, there’s nothing to really shoot for, or anyone to look up to.

I am positive that plenty of current efeds out there will take offense to this and I’m good with that. There are numerous GOOD efeds, but I haven’t seen an ELITE efed in many years. Having members that will take a bullet for you and a roster of 100 doesn’t make you an elite fed, sorry.

I haven’t seen an FWO, or an IWO and FWL or the other efeds I can’t remember that were celebrated for being at the very upper echelon. Actually, I think FWO still exists, but the communities that surrounded it and made it one of the elite don’t exist and that’s the problem.

After a quick visit to FWO, there’s another problem. The things that made FWO groundbreaking and innovative back then, make it just look dated and a relic now. No offense really intended to the members and staff there, but that’s how I feel about it.  With corrugated steel background, posers adorned about, they need a fresh look. Right now it looks like 2002.

The entire game needs a fresh look. Just like back then, efeds need to get with the times and learn the new HTML5, flash and JavaScript that populate the net.

For example:

With all this said, I must take some responsibility for killing ewrestling as we knew it. As I’ve explained above, was started in spite of what I felt were elitist websites.

That’s right, I set out to change the game, to take ewrestling away from the privileged few and give it to the unwashed masses and I believe looking objectively, that I have succeeded… but at what cost? remains, one of, if not the most well known ewrestling resource websites out there. This isn’t a subjective opinion; it’s the overall consensus of the people, even the owners of other comparable websites that I have had various discussions with on the subject. I do not want to turn this into some great competition or debate; I’m just stating what I have no choice to view as an empirical fact.

There have been more “popular” websites out there at any given time, or more active websites, but I do not believe there are any more well known. This is not a boastful claim meant to stroke my own rod; this is to say that may be responsible for the current state of affairs in ewrestling whether you feel they are positive or negative.

What happened was gave ewrestling a vehicle to grow exponentially… and that it did. It gave fledgling and struggling efeds a place to not only grow their roster, but grow their reputations and their following. I believe this may have led to the current influx of lower quality efeds and put a strangle on the elitist, or possibly higher quality efed that were available.

With RK, the every-day fedder could open an efed at whim and muster up a modest roster and have a forum to establish their following. The innovations of RK made this incredibly easy to do. However, in hindsight, it may have worked against the very grain of what ewrestling always had been before.

What I saw as evil in my younger and more naïve years, I now see as a necessity that needs to return.


It’s not the dirty word that it appears to be. There is nothing wrong with supporting the best products out there and shunning the inferior, that’s after all what capitalism is, right? The problem only arises when the “best” becomes far too subjective and “the elite” have an unfair advantage over the little guy. That’s where RK stepped in, initially.

It may be just pure happenstance and conjuncture on my part that all the Elitist Resource websites seemed to disappear while flourished. Maybe RK had less to do with that than it appears. Who knows?

All I do know is that I watched each and every “hype fed” and resource websites that catered to a assemblage of vividly designed efeds fall by the wayside over the years. I even felt a sense of pride as I watched them die in the past. Now all I feel is a sense of remorse for the reasons I explained above.

This isn’t to say I regret opening RK either, but there needs to be a balance. RK was never intended to be THEE place to go, as in the only place to go, no. RK was always intended to be the alternative. That one place that mister nobody could run to when they couldn’t find support elsewhere.

In a sense, RK was like Jesus. You had your fancy golden calf, Sun God worshiping religions and then along comes this filthy, homeless, Jew carpenter with some revolutionary, avant-garde and radical ideas that would change the world as we knew it. Some people thought he was just a crazy heretic. Some people thought he was their savior. Some people wanted him dead just to maintain the status quo and quail the rabble rousing. In the very end, Christianity ended up being the most well known and polarizing religion remaining… and not all people view that as a good thing.

Difference is, I suppose, you won’t go to hell by supporting non-RK websites, though it’s up for debate. I don’t make the rules on your salvation.

While I have been known to turn a few barrels of dirty water into wine, or at least a nice moonshine, I am no savior. You can worship me if you like, that’s your decision. But I don’t require it.

I digress.

I don’t feel like ewrestling is going to die or anything that extreme. But this is my humble offering on how to get it back to it’s former glory.

16 thoughts on “State of The Game”

  1. CWC. The CWC Ascension Tournament helped a lot. NEWera is flourishing because of it and people from all the big feds are joining now because positive word is out there about NEWera. Feds are actually on the verge of closing and possibly merging with me fed. All the members of at least three feds are joining NEWera more and more everyday. Am I bragging? In a way, yes I am.

    You see, I’m not trying to be the biggest or the best. I have even said NEWera isn;t the flashiest place on the net. My main goal was to provide a fed where people can just RP and not take a single thing seriously. I genuinely enjoy writing results and pride myself in the quality of the storylines NEWera produces.

    Some how over the past two years and going into our third it just clicked. NEWera became the place to be. Cal it lame or whatever you want but I really feel I have changed the ewrestling game for the better. I can tell you in all seriousness that nobody puts more effort into a fed than me. And whats great… I have no desire to quit anytime soon. My juices are at a all time high and i can possibly do this for years to come. I have never experienced writers block or been burnt out. And I started this in 2001.

    And no, I’m not looking to put other feds out of business. I’m reaching out to other feds and offering to work with them. Give that rub in hopes it will help ewrestling. For the feds that are deciding whether to close shop or not and just join NEWera, that is of their own doing.

    My point is, I’ve found a formula that works and it looks as if NEWera will be around for a very long time. *knock on wood*

  2. I am facing my own woes for e-wrestling myself Mr. President of E-Wrestling lol. I ran a completely innovative approach to e-wrestling, CreatureWrestling, for 12 years and what we find is the new generation of internet users would rather fuck around on Facebook and press the “like” button and oh yes type “lol” under Kitty Pictures, than to spend 4 minutes writing out a simple post that could amount to something.

    What damaged my e-fed is as the veteran players leave for real life or boredom- the new generation of players doesn’t have the desire and patience. Plus- I read all over the place that it is also because players think that by setting up a website in one-click can magically put them on the top as CEO or President.

    I like the ideas about how you can save this genre but in all honestly, who’s insane/cares enough to do it?

  3. Yet another great, entertaining, and thought provoking blog post, Kut!

    Thanks for being an e-wrestling community leader the people can count on.

    I tip my hat to you sir!

    Sponsored by RoughKut/Pedro 2012

    Vote for Pedro!

    Kind regards,

  4. Well Spade, that’s up to some young determined person to decide. That just isn’t me anymore. I’m old now, I don’t care either way. I’d just like to see the traditions continue but I won’t cry if they don’t.

    Thanks again Tyrell!

  5. I think part of the problem is that most of the people who give a shit about e-wrestling aren’t all located in one single location. In most feds, you can find a handful of really talented people who care about the fed and about other characters as well as their own. But the roster is filled with the rest who just want to win every title. Or they want a storyline to go their way and then quit if they don’t get it. They don’t put in any effort.

    Like DarkSpade said, too many kids now just want to fuck around on Facebook and that sort of thing. That’s why I think a Facebook-only fed could actually work, if given proper attention. Everyone is already on Facebook and most people spend more time on Facebook than they do watching TV or working. Maybe a way to change things up would be to branch away from forums and more towards Facebook (or Twitter/G+/whatever) to form a more interconnected community.

    Either way, it’s going to be interesting to see how things turn out, long term.

  6. @Nick Demola:
    I definitely see that as a possibility… though it will feel a bit out of place with veterans who are used to msg boards. This is even a sensation of going back to our roots with using emails as rps- but, good point. You literately have to GO where everybody else is going to acquire your targeted audience. I had to religiously integrate social media via facebook groups & twitter with plugins from wordpress so that their is this sensation of an active community (and I am bias to wordpress only because I am a pure webdesigner/programmer).. but if it works, it works I think also taking those that actually care about this sport and rounding them up under one mantle is vital- but once again, who has the time?

    I am old too XD I am 33 yrs old (was 21 when I started) and I don’t feel like spending another decade doing this ._.; we’re too busy with our real lives to care… but I guess there’s always that feeling for those who have passion for e-fedding to keep it alive somehow…

  7. @Kut I have actually had an idea for that exact type of website for the last 3 years. Just never got the time or ability to put it together, maybe once I get some real time I will actually put it together. Something needs to be done about the lack in quality all over. I see people who write 10 page stories that suck ass and they are world champ in their fed cause they are “the best” and at the same time Ive seen 1 page trash talks that remind you of 1980s WWF/WCW/NWA and make your jaw drop. But they get shunned cause its only 1 page. Its not 100% that the elitist has been quelled, its that the elitist has stopped looking at the actual quality within the RP. They would rather sit there and read a shitty story that lasts forever than something that takes 2 or 3 minutes to read that will make you shit your pants. They want to see lengthy RPs. Ones where half of it is description.

    ok Im gonna end this now or I will keep going and going and going…Energizer Bunny and shit…

  8. When I was in ewrestling back in the day there was something that always drew my attention more than anything. Something that I haven’t seen in a long time that truly and utterly pains me. The name of the e-federation. I look around and I see all these generic overdone names with no identity like there was in the ones I was in.

  9. What were some of the names of the e-feds that got your attention? I know for me it was Asylum, fEar, Pinnacle of Insane Wrestling, 21W (21st Century Wrestling) and jOlt. All of them were/are great names that really identified each e-fed. There was also Tidal Wave Wrestling, which was a personal favorite of mine since I enjoy surfing. Meanwhile, I stuck with a generic name for my e-fed… the Superstar Wrestling Federation since it was fashioned like a late 80′s/early 90′s version of the World Wrestling Federation. There was also its prototype the Future Wrestling League which was based more on irony since its actual setting was in the 80′s. Anyway, a name is important and there should be a meaning behind it. I agree that generic e-fed names are overdone and seem to lack creativity. Not everyone can be RoughKut Wrestling though. (Cheap pop)

  10. I think I see your point on the lack of branding/naming of an e-fed. I actually learned how to create brands by running my e-fed: same consistent logos, color scheme so on and so forth for real life jobs lol. It helps substantiate your efed and actually give members a clue as towards wtf the e-fed is all about! which is the fun part.

    But to add onto what was said- what I am seeing now are e-feds increasingly getting so lazy and unoriginal that their message board url is the name of the e-fed!!

    Who would want to be the World Heavyweight Champion? Anyone? ._.

  11. It has been a long time since I have been involved in e-wrestling so it’s kind of difficult for me to remember the names of the e-federations I was in but I’ll try. Whole F’N E-Fed, Death Row Wrestling Federation, Dream Wrestling, Sin Wrestling, Extreme Wrestling Association. That’s all I can remember at the moment.

  12. I long for the glory days of e-feds. Does anyone have any screenshots from some “old” feds – you know, on Angelfire or Hypermart, the real original ones. I want to get nostalgic and just browse old images of old feds.

    Anyone remember CARD TRADING?!

  13. This reminds me of what myself and cousin did “back in the day.” Probably would be little know around here but we set up a pretty flashy site called “5SR” for 5 Star Ratings. It was an interfed that with in 6 months had over 20 e-feds as part of it. We took the time weekly to read results and give “TV ratings” the same way WWE, WCW and any other television program has.

    We had a strict grading scale, we worked with each owner to determine who their top 5 were and we also read their RP’s each week which also attributed to how high the rating were. Obviously the better the talent the better the ratings.

    We also used over all looks as a small portion of the number as well as updates, participation by members etc. We hostly monthly Interfed PPV’s where the top stars of each promotion could battle it out in an interfed card if they chose to and believe me they did. Started out with 10 people a month on the card which quickly went to 30 and then we had to hold certain standards as to who could participate, which all ended up with our first 64 man tournament which went over HUGE! Followed 3 months later by popular demand at 128 man tournament.

    Now at this point 2-3 people running a site like this while balancing school became overwhelming. While the feds involved loved it. Every feed had a stack roster by the end of the year and were actually turning members away. Our feds with the higher ratings had an ego, while the smaller feds had a chip on their shoulder and everyone stepped up their game which made for some heated RP’ing during the interfed PPV’s and even some of the feds would host their own mixed PPVs because things got so heated.

    Now I know there were other interfeds but what we did really did revolutionize the way people played this game. And this is only going into small details about how we ran it but alas it became overwhelming. Had we picked up a larger staff there is no doubt in my mind this could have lasted until this day. If someone had the time, and help bringing back something like this would indeed be better for this game.

    Just my 2 cents. (btw I’m sure there were a lot of spelling errors but i typed it during my break at work and don’t have time to proof read and doubt most of you will read it :) )

  14. To Chad:

    There was this huge fad, right around the times feds were real popular – I’d say around 1998-2000 or so – where there were pro wrestling “card” sites. Graphic designers would make card templates with the nicest or rarest pictures of wrestlers on the net. The purpose of the pictures would be to use them in graphics like banners, buttons, etc, etc – for wrestling news sites and feds as well.

    Site A would have a webpage with different sections of cards/pics like “Rare” or “New” with watermarks over the pictures and if a person was interested in getting the full-sized, high quality image – they would trade them another pic (card) or I think even buy it.

    It truly was a bizarre thing, but it was huge. There were multiple sites trying to make the best graphics for their pages, find the best images of wrestlers before anyone else, etc. It was a competition.

  15. We are presently working on a solution to the very problem you just mentioned in your blog. It will launch in October. The WWX would be more than happy to have Kut and the other Roughkut staff sit in on the planning phases. Contact me via email when you find the opportunity.

    ~WWX Administrator

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