In your average efed... the main event.

Why ewrestling sucks now.

It’s become commonplace to hear about ‘the glory days’ of ewrestling.

There are many-a-fed-head still lulling about, complacent and perhaps a bit jaded at what’s ewrestling has become. For years, I figured it was just a generational thing. Maybe we’re the old guys– who like our parents when we were kids,  think our music sucks. After-all. the sole duty of music is to annoy the prior generation.

As explained by long time RK member, Misty:

I know a lot of people talk about “back then” like it was some sort of Utopia where things were awesome, but it wasn’t without its share of arguments and drama.  Thing is as far as e-wrestling went, it was Utopia.  Back then, we had people that liked each other and liked to hate each other.  If we hated someone we didn’t bitch about it, we used it in a roleplay every time we faced them.  Some of the best feuds spawned from that.  We’d work together and even sometimes match write together, working out a match that wasn’t for us, but for the readers of the card.

Yes, ewrestling was a utopia to many of us. It was just fun! I am not saying it’s no longer fun, but I can say with confidence that it’s changed… and for the worse.

When I was the man in ewrestling and was kicking ass and taking names and had all the hot chicks and fancy keyboards, ewrestling was the most fun because of the bond within our efed. We chatted together, we invaded chat rooms on AOL and caused havoc, we argued amongst each other and it was glorious fun! All we had was a bulletin board (not forums), a static website and each other.

So isn’t it ironic that as technology has advanced communication that the game has actually grown apart?

All of a sudden, tonight it made perfect sense why everything sucks now. I had an epiphany, or whatever the fancy word for thought is. Technology!

I’m no enemy of technology or anything like that. But think about it…

Back when I was active in ewrestling, it wasn’t easy to run a website. In fact, it was quite the learning curve. I remember MUCH more fanfare and ballyhoo when a new efed was opening simply because it wasn’t easy to create a good looking website.

The random few people that did figure out how to use Geocities still had sites that looked like shit, so it wasn’t hard for a shiny fed with a slick design to stand out and have people gravitate towards it. Some of these feds had enough hype to have a list of people waiting to join even before it opened, we even dubbed them: hype feds. Yep, we were even more creative then too.

I mean. you had to know FTP, HTML, maybe some basic JavaScript and how to operate a hosting account and various other things needed to run a website.

Now? All one needs to do to run a fully operational efed is fill out a form and click a button. With the advancement of PHP and ease of JavaScript, running a website was no longer a learning curve, all you need is the desire to run a website.

I believe what happened, was the ewrestling community no longer had to focus on being a part of an efed anymore, now they had their chance to be the boss… who’s gonna stop them?

I’ve watched over the years, sometimes hundreds of new efeds being posted on RK in a few months. This over-saturation of new efeds has caused a significant drop in overall ewrestling participation.

When you have three superior restaurants, you’ll have the best attendance from the highest brow of society. When you have 13,000 shitty Whattaburgers on every corner, you find more and more people would just rather eat at home.

Now perhaps this isn’t new news to anyone paying attention. We all know there’s too many efeds out there and it makes the game suck. But why this is happening just could be a new revelation to many.

This is also nothing new to me, I’ve said for years that it’s too easy to create a forum-fed. But now, it seems that everyone wants to be the fed-head and nobody wants to be a part of a fed.

That itself is only part of the problem, the current generations of efed lack such quality that new fed-heads refuse to even start their first show without a full staff doing their bidding.

So RK becomes the enemy because of this, because many on this website are advocates of NOT opening a new efed. Unless you have some ground breaking idea, you are just polluting and clogging an already over-saturated drain and nothing but brown, hairy water is filling the sink. Just don’t do it! For god’s sake join an existing fed and learn to be a part of something, you don’t have to be the CEO to be cool.

24 thoughts on “Why ewrestling sucks now.”

  1. E-wrestling doesn’t suck, at least in my opinion. The game has simply evolved giving everyone more options how, where, and when they can play. (Roleplay, Angle, Hybrid, Match-Writing, CAW Leagues, etc..)

    As far as the “13,000 shitty Whattaburgers” theory, I also have to respectfully disagree. Even in such an apocalyptic scenerio, l believe you’d find no one would want to eat at home. Everyone would still want the convience of eating out, even if they would have to venture out further to find said swanky place. Cooking and clean-up after all is a huge pain in the ass. Meanwhile, going to your favorite drive-thru or dining out to impress your girlfriend/wife and friends? Not so much. That’s why franchise restraunts are part of multi-billion dollar industry. Leave slaving over a hot stove and scrapping plates afterward to someone else.

    Let me also just say, the e-wrestling landscape has expanded much further than any one circle of e-feds or e-wrestling based websites. Social media has helped connect more people, not disconnect them. Facebook, Twitter, and mobile apps have helped bridge the gap, making interacting between players, match writers, and fed heads alike much easier. The game has become much less time restrictive, thus more fun.

    As far as everyone wanting to be a CEO goes… again… I’d have to say no, at least in a sense. I have to point out a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) doesn’t actually OWN a company he or she just RUNS it for someone. It’s ownership everyone wants and the built in incentives that goes with said ownership. Without actual incentives, no one is going to work for someone else for free. Time is money after all. How many times have people felt used, abused, and taken advantage by someone and then basically had an ephiphany and said, “Screw it!” from then on doing their own thing and starting their own business.

    Which lastly brings me to the hot topic of new e-feds popping up… To me it’s perfectly fine and I’ll tell you why. The only way someone can learn to effectively run an e-fed is to… well…. actually run an e-fed. While I think it’s great a lot of e-fed owners out there want to take people under their wing, teach them all their tricks and gimmicks, and secrets of success… meh. Some people, especially creatively… do better ON THEIR OWN.. not always, but predominately that is the case. Leadership is developed only after you’ve actually become a leader. Learning to follow so you can learn to lead is nonesense. Life lesson: Don’t trust anyone who tells you otherwise.

    Meanwhile, no one should be faulted for trying, experimenting, or learning by doing. It is not anyone’s intention to “clog an over-saturated drain” but to put thought, creativity, and FUN into practice in this HOBBY.

    Making this game into anything beyond a game is not cool and is what leads to disgruntlement. Someone else’s dissatisifaction is not the fault of anyone who wants to be innovative, who is willing to take risks, or even the fault of those who fail.

    Satisfaction is a state of mind. E-wrestling only sucks when it’s someone’s individual perception that it sucks. To someone else they may be enjoying themselves, building something, and creating something special. That’s why they’re actually involved in the game.

    Positive attracts positive. Unfortunately, negative attracts negative also.

    Which are you?

    In closing, e-wrestling is awesome and so am I. Keep e-fedding everyone!

  2. You’re welcome Kut. Even though we may have a decisely different point of view on certain e-wrestling related topics, I thought you posted a great blog. Let’s see more of them in the future!

  3. I won’t agree and say e-wrestling sucks, but it’s not as enjoyable as it used to be and I, as discussed in forums, has been the change in how efeds were viewed years ago and more importantly, the self important “character development” drivel that’s been hammered down as “the way” to roleplay, and all other ways suck. Efeds werent created because people wanted to be famous fan fic writers… we loved wrestling and that’s why efedding was fun. It was a quick, easy game then. Now.. if you’re not devoting 5000 words or more to every single RP, then “you dont have the passion” and people get all butthurt. Add in the “elitist” that have moved in, (a certain other RK ripoff site, for example) and they take the fun away.

  4. Its still very enjoyable to me. This sounds more like a singular person problem. It all depends how you feel. No matter how great the fed is, if you aren’t in the mood you’re just not in the mood.

  5. Guys, it’s just a simple tactical title. I don’t think ewrestling sucks if you read the blog. Just certain things have changed for the worse.

    “Yes, ewrestling was a utopia to many of us. It was just fun! I am not saying it’s no longer fun, but I can say with confidence that it’s changed… and for the worse.”

    I figured most of you knew by now that I say things just to rile people up.

  6. I tend to fully agree with you Kurt. I returned to e-fedding a few months ago after a 10 year hiatus only to see “forum-based” feds have taken over. I hate forum based as I feel it is the lazy mans way of running an efed.

    I ran many successful efeds back in the “day” and i was always touted for my designing and how realistic I was able to make the experience because after all that is just what we were doing back then. We were wrestling fans and we found the best way to mimic that experience so as an owner I felt obligated to give that experience back with storylines, efed magazines and shops the whole 9 yards. Now its different it seems there is more focus on people doing character development on their own rather than letting it unfold on the results week after week.

    I too miss the chats as some of my favourite memories of the utopia days were spent late nights on AOL, MSN, Chat Rooms and ICQ! It was a fantastic time

    Its a sad realization right now that you are right and technology has taken over this once perfect world. Im not a fan of the new age and never will be. I’m old school to the core.

    Hell I never would’ve learned HTML and graphic designing if it weren’t for me getting involved in efeds in the first place.

    Give me an old school layout and website/message board with cool text logos all over any day of the week over these “new” feds

    that is my two cents

  7. I am with you 100% Kut. The game was better 14 or 15 years ago when there were clear cut major leagues. FWLnet, the NWC, The NeWA. And the rest were fodder as you tried to make a name for yourself that way you would get people from those three to notice and invite you to join. Now everybody wants to be the WWE…to as in they name their feds WWE and they have real wrestlers, but to say they want to be the Dominate Global fed. If more of these guys who try and run a fed and fail would just go and be a handler, instead of trying to control everything, then we wouldn’t have the problem we have now…severe lack of handlers.

  8. I still follow this site on a monthly basis when I can because of my former love for e-wrestling. It was a part of who we were for a longgg time. Countless hours of plotting, planning, writing etc it was awesome and yet some of us even managed to get laid while being extremely nerdy on the side. Even after wrestling started to suck we still stuck around because it was a brotherhood. I remember the planned group chats that managed to stay on topic yet 30+ of us were crammed into one room at times.

    I remember the few feds that we all joined back then and stayed loyal and it was big news when one of the bigger members broke away to make his own fed which occassional worked out but not for long (POW) being one that comes to mind as being one of my favorite spin offs and of course RKW being a spin off but eventually Rough Kut the fan site revolutionized eWrestling and how it was marketed.

    I really dont have much to add to this just stopping in to say hi for the first time in years, glad you’re keeping the site up for nostalgia purposes, and thanks for posting this ad Kut. Hope all is well. and of course had to throw in that Hard-Kore jab for old times sake…lol I remember that pissing me off when I was 11-12 or whatever I was when I found out there was another Hard-Kore (HardKore). Also I did write the history of RKW the J-Sin Knight years for ya not sure I ever sent it over to ya though. (wonder how many of your current followers even knew you were once HardKore before the days of Kut)

  9. lmao it’s been so long I forgot I was J-Sin Knight not Jason Knight…oops

  10. Hey, Knight! Long time no see and thanks for the ego boost! “Revolutionized” is a high compliment for this website. But alas, I did set out to “change the game” so to speak and I think I did… but that may have ended up having adverse effects as well as my next blog will go into detail about.

    Yeah, “HardKore” Steven Hanson is a distant memory around these parts. I’ve almost always been just “Kut” here to most followers of RK.

    Good to see ya. Be nice to hear from an old net and school some of this new generation.

  11. I agree with everything that you’ve said Kut! I remember back in the day efeds would put their results up on an actual website and they had message boards not these damn forums with 80 different sections!

    We all made those cool looking role play layouts with pictures and different colored text and hosted them on sites like geocities or angelfire! Now it seems like everyone is lazy. People don’t even change their text color. They just throw it up on one of those forums.

  12. I have to disagree. With the advancements of technology, what could suck? Other than maybe robots will take over, ewrestling maybe in its best. Sure, I hate forum based feds (It was so hard to find a NON forum based feds), but with the advancements, making a fed could be much easier. What would you want? A harder to make website, with to memorize all the HTML codes, or a easy to build website, with little to no need to memorize the HTML codes and do it for free. Plus, more efeds means more choices. It’s better to have more choices (Not too much!) than little to no choices. Plus, how are fed heads gonna get experience? At a training camp? NOT! Fedheads should get experience from running A ACTUAL fed. They’re not gonna get experience from a demo fed or whatnot. And yes, running a website may no longer be a learning curve, but it attracts many more people. Think, many people are attracted because it’s easier. If it’s harder, many people are not gonna waste they’re time on a hobby (Unless you want it bad!). And more feds, there are more choices. And more choices, means there’s a possibility that the fed of your dreams is there! But, the badside is, you’re gonna have a hard time to find a decent fed, on your taste. Plus, it also counts as experience. Experience in finding a fed, RPing, time management, and more. Plus, more feds, equals more titles to win! And, if your looking for a fed, you could add all those titles, feds you’re part of and more to your resume!

  13. CWL fWo Asylum those were the days and like some of the guys above I too would’ve never learned photoshop HTML java flash how to get hosting all that was from running Rival and being apart of this era. Ha couldn’t get me off the computer. Just did a random search to see if ewrestling was still around. Take it easy

  14. Too much efeds. Like overpopulation. Some of the people who don’t deserve to run a fed (much of them) should be prevented unless the fed shows success. That way we can cut down on the fed overpopulation and prevent a bad fed from ruining our reputation

  15. Ok I have been at this game for almost 15 years with small breaks in between. I do agree that today’s e-wrestling does suck.

    I started out in a email base fed. It was my first attempted at roleplaying. I move on to EWA where i found out that I sucked. but there was some good people who helped me evolve. I soon found my way to ABCW which ran the rps on guestbooks for a good period of time I consider ABCW to be my home. I can still remember heading to the site and just hanging with great people. People who are out of this game today but we still keep in contact.

    We where a family back then today you have feds opening and closing it is rare to see a fed being open for 5 or more years. so you really don’t build a bond with anyone . you have cliques but the fed dies because favortism. Of course the owners will deny it but it shows.

    i became a nomad in this game due to the lack of a great fed. I find myself wondering and wishing I was back in ABCW,

  16. E-Wrestling as it is right now doesn’t suck, it just has to deal with a new enemy. When I left this game in 2004, MMORPGS existed but not in the way they do know. It’s just so easy to go find a Free to Play MMO and use that as a time sink hobby as opposed to using E-wrestling.

    E-wrestling is an outdated form of gaming, it belongs now to a very small audience of some dedicated and some careless individuals who wish to satisfy ego’s instead of having fun. The phrase too many chiefs not enough Indians comes to mind.

    There was a “Golden Age” of E-wrestling, let no one say otherwise. All we need now is a renaissance to pull us out of the dark ages that this great game has succumbed to.

  17. Yeah I agree, to me the golden age was 1998-2002. I was in the NeWA then, and most the “Regional” feds there were top quality. If you were a champ in the NWC then, you were basicly known around the e-fed universe. Heck there were a couple of e-feds that were known around the e-fed world that had no affiliates like the IIeW, EMWC, UWF were like the WWE, WCW of the time.

  18. Just a quick reply. I agree with Kut. when i started most e-feds were by email. I spent about 4 years bouncing from fed to fed until i was ready ( or felt i was ready) to go my own way. Some time after Cyberslam was closed.

    I prided myself in my site design, and the guys we had on the roster. 9 months with out a no show. We only lasted 3 years, but it was fun. And all of my roster talked to each other via aim, telephone. We were too poor for cells at the time..

    Most recently i been searching for a fed with those characteistics. and i run into the same forum based fed, from one site to the next. And if it isnt forum based its hard to navigate and rarely updated. I joined a forum based fed, with a man who seems to be lacking what it takes as far as recruiting, and making the fed appealing to others..

    The time we spent in building even a basic html site with decent graphics and plenty of interactive options for our roster went a long way.. So as cliche and utopia as it is. I miss the old days.. lol

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