It’s just a game!

How often have we heard that line? It’s just a game! That seemingly innocent and truthful phrase just might be the most powerful group of words in all of ewrestling. Why? Because it’s invincible! It’s a more powerful phrase than “No offense”. Think about it, you can spit damn near any cruel insult and immediately fix it by saying “No offense”.

Same goes for “It’s just a game!”

You can say anything, do anything, act like a total fucking prick  and then toss out the “It’s just a game” card and the fight is over and we’re supposed to deal with it… because this is just a game.


Illustrated: Typical fed

Problem is, there are real people playing this game.

It always amuses me that the same person that behaved badly is the same person that thinks everyone should just move on. This all falls under passive-aggressive behavior. You know,  expressing anger through indirect means. While passive aggression is usually checked in ewrestling communities, people still find ways to deflect.

As I’ve tried to learn about this behavioral trait, I’ve also learned that I exert many signs of passive-aggressive behavior myself. Frankly speaking, who DOESN’T meet a few of these traits? When putting these eleven traits (from living with the passive aggressive man) in full perspective, isn’t everyone in the world passive-aggressive to some degree?

-Ambiguity or speaking cryptically: a means of creating a feeling of insecurity in others or of disguising one’s own insecurities.
-Chronically being late and forgetting things: another way to exert control or to punish.
-Fear of competition
-Fear of dependency
-Fear of intimacy as a means to act out anger: The passive–aggressive often cannot trust. Because of this, they guard themselves against becoming intimately attached to someone.
-Making chaotic situations
-Making excuses for non-performance in work teams
-Victimization response: instead of recognizing one’s own weaknesses, tendency to blame others for own failures.

I’ve struggled with a illustration of what passive aggression really is, but just for fun, let’s give it a shot.

It’s when you come up with ways to get out of doing what needs to be done without directly saying “Fuck you”. Are we hitting closer to home now? For instance; “It’s just a fucking game, let’s move on!”. Or the famous: “Hey, I have real life situations going on right now, the results will be up when I get good and ready…”. Or… “My aunt Tilly died for the 3rd time”.

We’ve all shirked duties now and then. We’ve all procrastinated, hell most of you probably should be doing something far more important than reading this blog right now. That’s not what passive aggressive is, I don’t think. Being passive aggressive is the simple means of avoiding confrontation, while still being a jackass.

I think the bottom line is, this is something we all do. It’s a natural behavior pattern. Not many of us are in a position to say: “Fuck off!”. We have to come up with ever creative ways to express this sentiment. So the most urgent means is to come up with an excuse. The dog ate my homework is a classic example. You got a big exam coming up, but the sequel to that fancy video game with tit baseball cards is just come out too… fuck it, let’s blame it on the dog.

When running an efed, this happens on a daily basis. I mean what choice do you have but to make excuses and blame others now and then? I mean. do you really want to be doing fed stuff on a Saturday when all your friends are in that World of Warcraft orgy (or whatever they do)? Hell no!

Cartoon poon. Killer of efeds.

Let’s with the 11 traits of passive aggressive behavior.

-Ambiguity or speaking cryptically:

Hey, when are the results going up?

Uh, I gotta feed the fish and do some other behind the scenes things and we’ll see, gimme five!


Not tonight, I gotta wash my hair.

-Chronically being late and forgetting things:

Do I even need to illustrate this one? This should hit the nail right on the head.

-Fear of competition

Can I hear “Don’t you DARE contact my roster!!!! They belong to ME!!” This is passive aggressive because most fed-heads don’t want to compete with anyone for members.

-Fear of dependency

Haven’t quite tied this one to ewrestling exactly yet. But I’ve read an example that says a wife will marry a super dependent husband out of fear of facing her own problems. Think Homer and Marge. She doesn’t want to ever become dependent on anyone, so she marries someone that is helpless, like a baby. I can see some fed-head being totally afraid to be dependent on anyone. …Which sounds to me a lot like some of the reasons they open the fed to begin with.

-Fear of intimacy

Ever known a fed-head that keeps people just close enough to be able to let them go at whim? I do. I’ve seen so many good people come and go over the years, I am guilty of this one. I don’t expect anyone to be around forever… so I’m guarded.

-Making chaotic situations

Now we’re getting somewhere. Out of control members and staff, always wanting to be around drama or so it seems. Some passive aggressive people like to deflect by creating a non-stop drama fest.

-Making excuses for non-performance in work teams

Ah! He’s a good guy! He’s just going through some things right now. Oh, he’s just blowing off steam… etc.


Ever had someone in an efed intentionally block forward movement? No? You sure you’ve been ewrestling?


Another self explanatory subject.


Sulking is less whining and more-so sitting in a corner where nobody is paying attention to you. Where you can avoid conflict!

-Victimization response:

Instead of recognizing one’s own weaknesses, tendency to blame others for own failures. Recent visitors of RK will probably have a huge red siren going off in their heads with this one. If you’re wondering what I’m getting at, visit the flakes and troublemakers board around this date.

That’s all for now, I’m pretty buzzed and I’ll proofread and all that later.




4 thoughts on “It’s just a game!”

  1. I’ve dealt with all of this, some from myself and some from others. Bitches these days.

  2. I’ve seen all this so many times I’m practically jaded. Whenever someone starts drama now I refer to a simple rule. Three Strikes your out. I delete the account, block it and don’t lose any sleep.

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